I was very kindly invited by Roland Halbritter from the Museum Malerwinkelhaus in Germany to submit a mail art piece to an upcoming exhibition at the museum in 2015. The piece had to be an interpretation or based on the wonderful timber frame building. I created a collage using images of existing UK museums and collections to construct a semi-abstract version of the Malerwinkelhaus. You can view my submission and others online prior to the exhibition in 2015:


Very excited to announce the release of Zebra Mu / Prairie-Litière “Split” C40 which is out now on the highly recommended French DIY record label Autistic Campaign!

“Split tape with one side for each project. Behind ZEBRA MU is UK multimedia artist Michael Ridge, who also appears to run the highly recommended DIY record label Quagga Curious Sounds. Under that moniker, the man records lo-fi noise/experimental sounds of various dynamics. Material on this tape here focus on a tense harsh noise glitch racket ! Two tracks of a loud flux of warring frequencies.
The other side of the cassette sees french duet PRAIRIE-LITIÈRE offering a track driven by an almost restrained/minimal feel, in which distant hi-pitch feedback loops and a calm junk-metal beat make it just more sudden when screeching noise explosions occur.
Cassette for this one is white shell that has been hand-rubbed with colour paint, mainly yellow shading. Comes with a j-card artwork and an additional colour print on tracing paper, placed before front cover and indicating the names of each part of that release. Plus a one-fold black&white insert with art and all infos”.


A new sound-themed postcard/collage and audio track will be featured in the exciting group exhibition ‘Postcards From The Edge’ organised by Rebellious Edge Projects.
It will be held at the Juxtaposed Gallery in London and previews of all submissions are currently online. Look out for our Ridge & Scrase postcard and solo piece from Elizabeth as well!:


Private view: August 8th 18:30 – 20:30
Juxtaposed Gallery
26 Camden High Street


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