Kai Nobuko from the excellent ‘Yeah I know It Sucks’ music review blog has recently written two great reviews:

Split with Robert Ridley Shackelton (Floppy Kick):

Small Talk (Catch23 Recordings):

Catch23 Recordings is also back from a very long spell of inactivity with a shiny new Bandcamp page (some of my earliest downloadable Zebra Mu releases are available): http://catch23recordings.bandcamp.com/ and WordPress site: http://catch23recordings.wordpress.com/

I’m very excited to announce Ridge & Scrase has a new piece featured in the latest issue of Drawing Paper: not-for-profit newspaper based publication focusing on contemporary drawing practice. Copies will be distributed across the UK and featured at, among other venues, the 2014 Liverpool Biennial, the Drawing Room gallery in London, Tate Liverpool as well as local art venues in Norwich and Norfolk. For more information as well as ordering a copy:



Junkie Juice Poster
A new conceptual video piece 71 Second Solo Performance For VHS is to be featured in this upcoming group exhibition at the Yallops Gallery in Norwich.
In the Frame Exhibition #1 is curated by Amy French and Rebecca Kemp from the Junkie Juice art collective and as you can see lots of things are happening at the private view so make it down if you can!

Private View: Monday 7th July from 7pm-10pm
Open: 8th-11th July from 12pm-6pm
Location: Yallops Gallery, 59 St. Augustines Street, Norwich, NR3 3BG


Ugly Gesture Basement Jams C10 – new experiments in shorting out / abusing FX pedals and cassette players to create frantic and curious cut-up noise and bleeps. All 6 copies made have been snapped up…

Hole Punched Anti-Record – basically a tiny flexi disc fragment created as you’ve probably guessed with a hole puncher! The cost for this release is 1p plus postage so get in touch for your copy! Instructions included with how to play it…

The ever creative Simon Wilson (Blue Spectrum etc.) followed the instructions that came with his copy and created his own awesome picture disc:

“Yesterday I got my copy of Hole Punched by Zebra Mu, it’s a fragment of a flexi disc from which I guess is created by a hole puncher. It comes with directions instructing the listener to glue the fragment to a 7×7” piece of card, so I did and I also took it a step further by turning the B side into a picture disc using the thank you note which came with my order”:


I was recently in conservation with Susanne Anderson at Future Radio 107.8 FM Norwich on aspects of my practice, upcoming pieces at the Norwich Art Centre and the nature of Sound Art for the arts and culture show ‘Platform’. My first radio interview and it was a great experience!
It was broadcast on 27/04/2014 but you can listen to the entire show as a Podcast:

The track ‘Concrete Knife’ and from the collaborative CDr Huff Paint to Reach Enlightenment was featured on the show No Pigeonholes hosted by Don Campau. It was broadcast on the community radio station KOWS-FM (USA) on 01/05/2014 but you listen to the entire show as a Podcast:

‘Metal Mascara Brush’ from Huff Paint to Reach Enlightenment was also heard on the European edition of No Pigeonholes on Germany’s Radio Marabu. You can listen to the entire show as a Podcast:

Unspool and Bind

A new sound based solo performance revealing the sonic and physical properties of the compact audio cassette. Expect a living, breathing desktop cassette player with variable tape speed issues…

Date: Wednesday 14th May
Time: 1am – 1:30am (approx)
Location: Norwich Arts Centre: Foyer

Other/Other/Other Takeover

“A group of people explore as many mysterious spaces in Norwich Arts Centre as they can see, squeeze into and take-over. Using unique and innovative methods they will inhabit the building in ways you never thought possible, in a bid to prove that there’s no such thing as an overlooked wall cavity or an undervalued carpet tile”.

Date: Monday 12th May and Friday 16th May
Time: 11:30pm until approx 2am
Location: Norwich Arts Centre


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