New Work

Relaxation Techniques is a four-minute composition built around two microcassette loops simultaneously playing two recordings from a metal singing bowl. A lo-fi, minimal and (in my opinion) relaxing work. The compressed and limited frequency response of the microcassette is an enjoyable aspect of the format, compressing down the file further for floppy disk creates new, and intriguing sonic possibilities.

Every recycled disk is packaged in a folded brown A5 envelope with B&W art work (printed onto peach coloured paper) mounted onto each one. An additional blue paper insert accompanies each labelled floppy disk.

Self-released in an edition of 12 hand-numbered copies, this can be purchased directly from me:

£3.20 (UK)
£5.45 (Europe)
£6.20 (Worldwide)
PayPal/contact: mike-ridge[AT]



This short demo video depicts two microcassette loops playing pre-recorded sounds from gently striking a small metal singing bowl. Both loops are playing through an inexpensive delay pedal (Donner Yellow Fall), connected to a Marshall MS-2C amp.

The distinctly lo-fi sound quality of the format is one I enjoy working with, also the ability to switch 2.4 cm/s and 1.2 cm/s playing speeds which is experimented with in the video.

A 7.5 second tape loop containing the crunchy and satisfying sound of walking on gravel. Gravel fragments are mounted inside the clear tape shell as guide rollers, the more it’s played the more damaged the magnetic tape gets. Gravel destroying the sound of gravel.


Flux Cass Collab’ is a collaboration with Kommissar Hjuler and Mama Baer (Kommissar Hjuler Und Frau) released as a CDr on their label Der Schöne Hjuler-Memorial-Fond.

The husband and wife duo sent me a track; I reworked this live in my studio through a modified/broken cassette player, circuit bent echo pedal and delay pedal. The result is a warbled, spluttering and occasionally noisy composition!

Coil Spring Works C25 is out now on the excellent and very prolific Altar of Waste Records!

“I’ve been a fan of UK sound artist Michael Ridge for a while now. Relentlessly creative, Michael runs the wonderful label Quagga Curious Sounds, which produces lovely cassettes and odd-format releases that draw from drone, hnw, harsh noise, and participates in numerous projects such as Zebra Mu and Norfolk Trotter.
Coil Spring Works is a beautiful release of yawning, gargantuan drones produced by a simple spring instrument of Michael’s own invention. Truly massive and engulfing, and at times quite lovely and restrained”. (label description)

Released in a limited edition of 10 hand-numbered copies.

Please support the label by purchasing a copy HERE

I’m currently in residence within the project space at the wonderful Dove Street Studios, which is hosted by Dyad Creative. As the poster states, a range of sonic and sculptural pieces are being created, many in response to the space, found materials and each other. The result will be a three day public exhibition and brief performance at the private view!

You can follow my progress on Instagram (follow me @michaelridgeart)