New release

Due to demand a second edition of Filler Material / White Lines 10” anti-record & 3″CDr is now available! Everything from the original edition is included – for more information please refer to the blog post from October 17

A unique rubber-stamped centre label is mounted onto every anti-record, B&W and colour folded paper insert/art work is included. The 3”CDr is rubber-stamped and packaged in a B&W folded paper insert. Released in an edition of four hand-numbered copies.



Filler Material / White Lines is an exclusive new 10” anti-record created from smashed and reassembled fragments of 78 RPM gramophone records. The fragments were sourced from the aftermath of the sound art performance Smashing 78 78 RPM Records, created earlier this year. Each record fragment was meticulously selected to fit as close together as possible, then glued onto a duct taped 10” record; any gaps between fragments were filled with plaster. Though the plaster has been smoothed down to some degree, it is still intentionally textured for exciting sonic possibilities.
Playback is doable (and quite fun!), there is however the risk it could damage your equipment. Due to this an accompanying 3”CDr is provided, it contains a live recording of each anti-record being played in my studio.

A unique rubber-stamped centre label is mounted onto every anti-record, B&W and colour folded paper insert/art work is included. The 3”CDr is rubber-stamped and packaged in a B&W folded paper insert. Released in an edition of five hand-numbered copies.


**Please note: due to the weight of the anti-record postage is a lot more than usual**


Out now on Quagga Curious Sounds is the fourth instalment in the Misc Loops series: 25 minutes of hazy lo-fi ambient music loops interspersed with cryptic spoken word loops. Your true love will evaporate.

Recycled black audiobook cassettes feature a colour label mounted onto one side of the shell. Colour artwork is printed onto folded white card and packaged in a clear zip lock bag, an additional paper insert is also included. Released in an edition of 15 hand-numbered copies, you can purchase a copy via PayPal:



Out now on Quagga Curious Sounds is Heatwave: a handmade seven second tape loop inspired by the recent and sweltering heatwave in the UK. Side A is a rough field recording capturing dry grass and vegetation gently rustling in the hot wind stifling wind, side B is a lo-fi drone composition recorded during a level three warning. Each loop is dubbed onto used audio book tape and installed inside a recycled shell. I’ve allowed tiny fragments of the original recordings to seep into mine, consequently each copy will sound slightly different.

Stark B&W art work is printed onto speckled off-white paper, recycled audio book tapes each have a colour label mounted onto the shell. Released in an edition of ten hand-numbered copies.
*Please note: I’ve tested each loop out on several different cassette players and these work fine, however I can’t guarantee they will work on all!*




Out now on the brand new and excellent Perpetual Abjection label is Norfolk Trotter Paramoudra CDr. The sound source for this release derives from several Norfolk flint nodules being rubbed together, delivering a 46 minute tectonic wall, largely static with some shift changes and some rhythmic elements.

The label has done a fantastic job with the packaging/art work: CDr and jewel case monotype-printed with acrylic colour. Three small pebbles are inserted in the jewel case spine. Information printed on craft paper stickers attached on the back of the jewel case, edition of 37 hand-numbered copies.

Please support Perpetual Abjection by purchasing a copy from their Bandcamp!

Just under seven minutes of lo-fi HNW composed from two pieces of contact mic’d coarse sandpaper being rubbed together. No effects or editing used.

Each anti-floppy is labelled with coarse sandpaper, standard playback is not recommended as damage to equipment is very likely. A further piece of sandpaper is provided for listeners to rub the floppy disk against to create their own wall.

Self-released in an edition of six hand-numbered copies.



Zebra Mu “Warm Up / Trash” 3″CDr is out now on Quagga Curious Sounds! Comprising of two live semi-improvised recordings captured in February of stripped back experimental noise, sourced primarily from mic’d up broken gramophone records and my voice.
A rubber stamped 3”CDr is packaged in a slim line DVD case. Each copy features cyan and black artwork printed onto peach coloured paper, an additional insert is printed in red onto yellow paper.