Michael Ridge (Solo)

“Misc Loops #4” s/sided CS (Quagga Curious Sounds)
“Heatwave” loop CS (Quagga Curious Sounds)
“Relaxation Techniques” 3.5″ floppy disk (self-released)
“Misc Loops #3” s/sided CS (Quagga Curious Sounds)
“Dove Street Loops” C1 (Quagga Curious Sounds)
“Coil Spring Works” C25 (Altar Of Waste)
“Misc Loops #2” s/sided C31 (self-released)
“Misc Loops” C10 (self-released)
“Basement Tape #2” C5 (self-released)
“Talk Book” 3.5″ floppy disk (self-released)
“Basement Tape #1” C20 (self-released)
“Dungeon Floppy” 3.5″ floppy disk (self-released)
“Nightingale Sandpaper Loops” Reel-to-Reel (Nazlo Records)
“Ball and Chain / Squeaky Floorboards” 8″ two-holed lathe cut (Quagga Curious Sounds)
“Ball and Chain / Squeaky Floorboards” C2 (Quagga Curious Sounds)
“The Crank” C5 (Quagga Curious Sounds)
“The Crank” Wax Cylinder (Quagga Curious Sounds)
“Life At 2​.​4 Cm​/​s” MP3 (The Museum Of Microcassette Art)

Michael Ridge (Split and Collaboration)

“Feed The Birds w/ Jeroen Diepenmaat 7” lathe cut (Quagga Curious Sounds)
“Acrostics Meet” w/ Hal McGee CDr & File (HalTapes)

Michael Ridge (Compilation Appearances)

A View From A Hill, File (Linear Obsessional Recordings)
Songs for the Leap Second, File (Leap Second Festival)
BRINK Compilation, Memory Stick (ATTN: Magazine)
Utterances, File (Linear Obsessional Recordings)

Zebra Mu (Solo)

“Anti Flex 2” s/sided flexi-disc anti-record 33 ⅓ RPM & CDr (Quagga Curious Sounds)
“Aquarius Traits” Box Set: C15, s/sided MC60, CS loop, reel-to-reel loop (Quagga Curious Sounds)
“Vox X CS” 3.5″ floppy disk (Quagga Curious Sounds)
“Psychic Ditch” C10 (Tunnel Secret)
“Rough Parts” 3.5″ recycled floppy disk (Floppy Kick – Eco Series)
“Warm Up / Trash” 3″CDr (Quagga Curious Sounds)
“Suburban Demo” C7 (Quagga Curious Sounds)
“Plastic Warp Junk” 5″ s/sided recycled lathe cut test press (Quagga Curious Sounds)
“Plastic Junk Warp” 5″ s/sided recycled lathe cut (Quagga Curious Sounds)
“Flexi Loop Tape” CS Loop (Lonktaar)
“Sick Horn Tape” C5 (self-released)
“Years of Extinction 2009 – 2012” CDr (Attenuation Circuit)
“Perennial Indifference” C11 + zine (Quagga Curious Sounds)
“Spear / Streak” CDr, (Quagga Curious Sounds)
“Trick Reflection” 2″ lathe cut (Quagga Curious Sounds)
“Horn Sick Tape” C9 (self-released)
“Encrusted Horse Sockets” C20 (Coherent States)
“Macho Garbled Manoeuvres” 5¼” floppy disk (Poor Little Music)
“25 25” 3″ lathe cut (Quagga Curious Sounds)
“Golden Greetings” 3.5″ floppy disk (self-released)
“Sun Bleached Haze” s/sided C76 (Quagga Curious Sounds)
“Cardboard Dove Pizza” C26 (Poor Little Music)
“Null Glam Void” b/card CDr + zine (Quagga Curious Sounds)
“Basement Gesture Ugly Jams” 3″CDr (Debila Records)
“Empty Skull Plate” s/sided 6.5″ lathe cut picnic plate (Quagga Curious Sounds)
“Recycled Music” CS (RRRecords)
“Ugly Gesture Basement Jams” C10 (self-released)
“Dead Altered Wax” s/sided 7″ lathe cut (Quagga Curious Sounds)
“Capstan Twitch” C10 (Quagga Curious Sounds – UK Cassette Swap)
“River Dread” 3″CDr (Quagga Curious Sounds)
“Pluck Scrape Vibrate” C12 (Parkbench Records)
“Fan” 3″CDr (Petite Soles)
“Remembrance” 3.5″ floppy disk (self-released)
“Limited Capacity” 3.5″ floppy disk (Diskette Etikette Rekords)
“Experiment and Destroy” CDr (Smell the Stench)
“Broken Creative Manifesto” 3″CDr (Shit Music For Shit People)
“Live Malfunctions” 3″CDr (self-released)
“Norfolk Mutations” CS (USR Records: Viva Tapes Series)
“Antler Faced” CDr (Ilse)
“Extinction Volume 4” C24 (Quagga Curious Sounds & Ear Ear Records)
“Looming Urban Decay” C10 (Fragments)
“Feeble” 3″CDr (Side A Records)
“Sing n’Smile Pals (Reissue)” CDr (ToyoisetoY Productions)
“Merzbau” C5 (Quagga Curious Sounds)
“Odd-Toed Ungulate Superorder” C10 (Crumbling Peak Records)
“No Distortion Volume 3” CDr (CNCCR)
“Extinction Volume 3” CDr (Feeding Cotton Records)
“Cull” s/sided C34 (Ear Ear Records)
“As Nature Intended” C10 (Cantankerous Records)
“Extinction Volume 2” b/card CDr (Quagga Curious Sounds)
“Extinction Volume 1” b/card CDr (Quagga Curious Sounds)
“Wapentake” C13 (Nihil Underground)
“Cock Gallop!” CDr (Quagga Curious Sounds)
“Mundane Consumer Electronics” 3″CDr, (SUBliminalRECordings)
“Small Talk” MP3 (Catch23 Recordings)
“Unreleased Curiosities Oddments and Piffle” CDr (Super Terrore Z)
“Unreleased Curiosities Oddments and Piffle” File (End of Music)
“Demo 2” 3″CDr or CDr (self-released)
“DDDD-77” MP3 (Dadaist Audio)
“DDDD-77” 3″CDr (self-released)
“Lavatorial Hardware Bondage” MP3 (Love Torture Records)
“Untitled” CS (self-released)
“Glass Material Action” MP3 (Catch23 Recordings)
“Childhood Destroyer” MP3 (Catch23 Recordings)
“Demo” CDr (self-released)
“Weeeeee!” CDr (self-released)
“Sing n’Smile Pals” CDr (ToyoisetoY Productions)

Zebra Mu (Collaboration)

w/ Kommissar Hjuler Und Frau “Flux Cass Collab” CDr (Der Schöne Hjuler-Memorial-Fond)
w/ Doan Ferentes “Collaboration” C40 (Lonktaar)
w/ The Blue Spectrum “Huff Paint to Reach Enlightenment” reissue CDr (Blood Diamond Music)
w/ Magic Toy Balloon “Magnoalchemy Merz Manipulations” C30 (Quagga Curious Sounds)
w/ The Blue Spectrum “Bronze Pigeon” C30 (Blue Spectrum Tapes)
w/ The Blue Spectrum “Huff Paint to Reach Enlightenment” 3″CDr (Blue Spectrum Tapes)
w/ RedSK “Extinction Vol.2 Remix” b/card CDr (self-released)
w/ Gokkun “Collaboration” CDr (Kwark Records)
w/ Bruital Orgasme “Antitheoretical Manipulated Kaleidoscope” CDr (CNCCR)

Zebra Mu (Splits)

w/ GX Jupitter-Larsen, 1″ lathe cut record (Quagga Curious Sounds)
w/ Duplo Chat, s/sided C88 (Quagga Curious Sounds)
w/ Torturing Nurse, C10 (Quagga Curious Sounds)
w/ Torturing Nurse, 3″ lathe cut record (Quagga Curious Sounds)
w/ Tanner Garza / Andrew Coltrane “Untitled” 3″CDr (Coherent States)
w/ Prairie-Litière, C40 (Autistic Campaign)
w/ GX Jupitter-Larsen “GX/ZM” 5″ s/sided lathe cut CDr (Quagga Curious Sounds)
w/ Robert Ridley-Shackleton / The Blue Spectrum “Dust Lust” s/sided C90 (Hissing Frames)
w/ The Blue Spectrum / David K Frampton / Robert Ridley-Shackleton “Heavy Kisses” CDr (Hissing Frames)
w/ Tristan Burfield, C30 (Rapturous Indifference)
w/ Koobaatoo Asparagus, 3″CDr (Noskinnyjeans Records)
w/ Animal Machine, CS, (Kifrecording)
w/ Clive Henry, CDr (Clive Henry self-released)
w/ Kapali Carsi, CDr (Blue Spectrum Tapes)
w/ Torba, C30 (Cantankerous Records)
w/ Where is This, b/card CDr (Bored Bear Recordings)
w/ Dotabata / FTRG “A Cantankerous Xmas 2010 Split” b/card CDr (Cantankerous Records)
w/ Tristan Burfield, 3.5″ floppy disk (Quagga Curious Sounds)
w/ RedSK / Insideout028 / Jason “EVIL” Covelli “THC Magic 4-way Split” CDr (TRASHFUCK Records)
w/ GAAD, MP3 (Final Trauma Recordings)
w/ Horsing, C22 (Hoarse)
w/ White Mountains, C15 (Death Letter Records)
w/ Hostage Pageant, b/card CDr (Quagga Curious Sounds)
w/ Dorn William Coen “INT/EXT” C15 (odmrecs)
w/ Shock Technician, 3″CDr (Cantankerous Records)
w/ Endometrium Cuntplow, C13 (Love Torture Records)
w/ NRYY, MP3 (Silent Novels Net Release)
w/ NRYY, CDr (Silent Novels)
w/ Hal Hutchinson, C10 (Der Bunker Records)
w/ Suburban Howl, s/sided C60 (self-released)
w/ NRYY, CDr (Silent Novels)
w/ Boar, 3″CDr (Hoarse)
w/ Dotåbåtå, 3″CDR (SUBliminalRECordings)
w/ Endometrium Cuntplow / Clitoris Less Cunt, 3″CDr (Love Torture Records)
w/ Hinyouki “Enmusubi” MP3 & CDr (Smell the Stench)
w/ Soma, C46 (Underground Pollution Records)
w/ Fbrz, CDr (SjälvmordsOljud Records)
w/ Boy+Girl / Cumdivision Spermany / Dental Work / Grim Kirby, CDr (Placenta Recordings)
w/ UNIT731 / V.I.K.I “3-Way Split” 3″CDr (SUBliminalRECordings)
w/ Grim Kirby / Kinky Cinch “3-Way Split” CDr (Noise Park Activities)
w/ Astral Vomit, CDr (Smell the Stench)
w/ [unitauf] “Analogue Anal” CDr (Sewer Records)
w/ Ecoute La Merde, CS (Underground Pollution Records)
w/ Raw Oath, CDr (P.Asgeroth Black Label / self-released)
w/ SCHADENFREUDE “The Good, the Bent, and the Twisted” MP3 (Catch23 Recordings)
w/ I Vomit Teddy Bears, MP3 (Noise-Joy)

Zebra Mu (Compilation Appearances)

fabrication 3.0, File (Attenuation Circuit)
Various – Reel-to-reel Compilation, 5″ Mono Reel-to-Reel (Nazlo Records)
Now That’s What I Call Retro-Futurism Vol. 4, 2×3.5″ floppy disks (Diskette Etikette Rekords)
Various Artists – Chew Me Chew, CDr (Hissing Frames)
Nature Is Unholy: Processed Lives (Remix by 0Hamwich0), CDr (Droid Tunes)
Minimalism & Juxtaposition Vol. 2 (w/ Loopool and World Of White Ice), File (Swamp Circle)
Shit Noise 57, CDr (Shit Noise Records)
Blue Spectrum #4: Patterns Grown Like Crabgrass CDr & 30 page artbook (Blue Spectrum Tapes)
Shit Noise 30, CDr (Shit Noise Records)
Love Katy (Remixed), File (Vagary Records)
Rhinocerotidae, File (Parkbench Records)
Now That’s What I Call Retro-Futurism Vol.3, 3.5″ floppy disk (Diskette Etikette Rekords)
One Year Of Ilse, 2xCDr (Ilse)
We Are TRASH And So Can You, File (Trashfuck Records)
Reeser (The Cinder Lady) Spontaneous Human Combustion Vol.1, CDr (Arrendersi Morte)
Acid Police Eternal Volume 1, File (Rainbow Bridge/Egyptian Tea)
Now That’s What I Call Retro-Futurism Vol.2 2×3.5″ floppy disk (Diskette Etikette Rekords)
International Email Audio Art Project Vol. 3, File (HalTapes)
Dictaphonia Microcassette Compilation Vol. Nine, MC60/CDr (HalTapes)
Various H1N1, 3xCDr Boxset (Toxic Industries)
SUBliminalRECordings Vol. 3 – You Are What You Eat, 2xCDr (Sub Rec)
Chanukomp 2009, File (Trashfuck Records)
The Placenta Family Tree: Disc 1, File (Placenta Records)
Art Musique Action Vol.1, 2xCDr (Sub Rec)
Dictaphonia Microcassette Compilation Vol. Two, MC60/CDr/File (HalTapes)
Collaboration: An Experimental Music Compilation (w/ Uplink), File (Tiger Claw Records)
Unholy Matrimony, File (Smell the Stench)
The Placenta Compilation Vol. 2, 2xCDr (Placenta Recordings)
Skull The Stench, File (Smell the Stench)
SUBliminal RECordings Vol.2: Kill All Machines!, 2xCDr (Sub Rec)
SUBliminal RECordings Vol.1, CDr (Sub Rec)
Love Torture Vol. 1, File (Love Torture Records)
CGR Presents Vol. 2, File (Completely Gone Recordings)
(Triskaidekaphobia) 13,000.00 Milliseconds, CD (Ratskin Records)
C23_023 Compilation, File (Catch23 Recordings)
Popular Music Has Turned Up It’s Nose Vol.1, File (Trashfuck Records)
Noise-Joy Compilation III, File (Noise-Joy)
Laughing In The Face Of Mainstream, File (Dadaist Audio)

Norfolk Trotter (Solo)

“Grit 1″ 3.5” floppy disk (self-released)
“Paramoudra” CDr (Perpetual Abjection)
“Old Shales” 3.5″ floppy disk (Floppy Kick)
“Monumental” microcassette MC60 (Quagga Curious Sounds)
“Knapped” CDr (self-released)
“Degrade” 3.5″ floppy disk (self-released)
“Gone” C16 (self-released)
“Tip” C19 (self-released)

Acerbitas (Solo)

“Lost / Last” s/sided CS (Quagga Curious Sounds)
“Crocodile Shears” C20 (H series)
“Cold Water Ordeal” 3″CDr (self-released)
“Arduous Wall” 3″CDr (Muzikaal Kabaal)
“Absolutism” CDr (self-released)
“Thumbscrew” 3’5″ floppy disk (Ear Ear Records)
“The Wronged Mason” s/sided C90 (Underground Pollution Records)
“Demonstration of Nothing” s/sided C90 (Smell the Stench)

Acerbitas (Split)

w/ Vomir, C90 (Quagga Curious Sounds)
w/ Placenta Lyposuction, C40 (Nahàsh Atrym Productions)
w/ Chantal “Pear Of Anguish / Knee Splitter” 3″CDr (Muzikaal Kabaal)
w/ The Phosphenes, C90 (Blue Spectrum Tapes)
w/ Light Collapse “Massively Convince” CDr (Torga Amun)
w/ Light Collapse, CDr (Victimology Rec.)

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