A collage / mail art piece of mine is currently on public display as part of the “A House Travels Around the World” group exhibition at the Museum Malerwinkelhaus Marktbreit in Germany from 26th March – 1st November 2015.
To accompany the exhibition a wonderful 88 page colour catalogue featuring all 400 works by 180 participants has been published!

My submission can be viewed here:

Further information on the catalogue and exhibition:


Back when MySpace still reigned supreme for many Noise artists and labels I produced this untitled cassette to give away at gigs. Only three were ever given out to unsuspecting and confused foreign exchange students whilst I was still at University – I recall it was after a particularly uncomfortable performance I put on for them.

15 were made and the other 11 were recently discovered during a clear out of my studio! It’s a single 12 minute track dubbed onto branded recycled cassettes with a two-panel fold out cover. The track is one I particularly enjoy due to its frantic lo-fi junk metal bashing and improvised and largely unintentional electronic shrieks and squeals.

This recently discovered gem is now (finally!) available to buy or trade:

£3.00 (UK)
£5.00 (Europe)
£6.00 (Worldwide)
Paypal: mike-ridge[AT]hotmail.co.uk

New Works Flyer_Version 2

Michael Ridge
Musique Concrète Fan Three
(Electric table fan, magnetic audio tape and cassette player, 2015)
A sound and kinetic art installation utilising an electric table fan and magnetic audio tape. One hundred segments of magnetic audio tape are mounted onto the front grill of an electric table fan. Every portion of tape is one minute in length (288cm) and each contains a recording of manipulated ambient noise made from the same fan used in the installation. Airflow created from the fan will cause every tape segment to fluidly move and flutter at its own accord.

Dan Pounds
(Dibond aluminium signs 2014-2015)

Richard Palser
“A screen-based work reflecting the locality.”


Very excited to announce the release of Empty Skull Plate: a 6.5″ record cut onto green picnic plates!!

Recorded live in my basement on cassette one cold and unpleasant night this features stripped back crumbling lo-fi circuit overload, wheezy tape loops, amplified rusty springs and saws.
The records are wrapped in silver tissue paper and packaged in either a purple or orange card cover; a red rubber-stamped sticker is affixed to the left hand corner of each cover. Every one also includes artwork and information printed onto red card.
Released via my label Quagga Curious Sounds so you can order a copy directly from me (only TWO left!):

£6.00 (UK)
£8.30 (Europe)
£10.00 (Worldwide)
Paypal: mike-ridge[AT]hotmail.co.uk

A new exclusive untitled Zebra Mu track features on the Chew Me Chew compilation, released on the ever awesome Hissing Frames. Other artist on this include: Justin Marc Lloyd, Richard Ramirez, Luose, Kapali Carsi, Stuart Chalmers, Posset, David K. Frampton, Robert Ridley-Shackleton, Yol, Blue Spectrum and Faniel Dord. Bursting with incredible sounds and talent; this ranks as a favourite compilation release!

Please support Hissing Frames by purchasing a copy here:



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