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Flexi Disc Collage

On Saturday November 14 from 11:00am – 4:00pm for ONE day only a selection of vinyl, cassette and sound works will be on show in a pop-up solo exhibition at the Norwich DIY Record Fair!
Expect a mix of past solo and never before seen new works created exclusively for this event. In addition several collaborative pieces with Lisa Little and long term collaborator Elizabeth Hindle will also be exhibited!

Local bands, labels, artists and producers will also be selling/swapping/buying norwich-related goods, so do come down!

The fair takes place at The Common Rooms, St Benedict’s Street, Norwich. For further information check out the Facebook events page:

Final BYO Poster
I’m very excited to announce I’ll be an artist-in-residence for Build Your Own: Tools for Sharing which will be exhibited at the Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery from 3 October 2015 – 3 January 2016.

I’ll be based in the Maker’s Space between 11am – 3pm on the following dates:

5 October
19 October
2 November
16 November – with Elizabeth Hindle
23 November
14 December

Drawing inspiration from the acoustics of the gallery space and museum collections my intention is creating a series of sound-based site specific and responsive works. Many of the pieces will utilise cassette loops, bespoke hand-cut records, cardboard turntables, graphic scores, handmade microphones and simple noise making devices. There will be an interactive element to many of the works so visitors and staff can experiment and try things out for themselves.

Do drop by and say hello!

For more information visit:

I’ll be documenting the residency as I go; so please visit the following pages for more information!:

Very kindly sponsored by:

In June this year I released ‘The Crank’ a one-off an electrically-recorded two minute wax cylinder (scroll down several posts for further information on the project). The cylinder features a recording of a Crank (contraption used for hard labour in Victorian prisons) slowing being turned at Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery.
Adrian Tuddenham (of Poppy Records) very kindly took my cylinder to phonograph collector, Bernie Brown and obtained a recording of the cylinder being played on a original 19th century acoustic machine!

You can listen to the recording Adrian did below:


Here is the original digital field recording for comparison:

Golden Greeting
Golden Greetings is a new and exclusive Zebra Mu 3.5″ floppy disk single inspired by the fantastic Golden Record: Greetings to the Universe playlist on the NASA SoundCloud page. This playlist comprises of 55 greetings in 55 different languages that were included on the phonograph records aboard both Voyager spacecraft launched in 1977.
Track one is a mere 15 seconds and quite simply is 55 greetings layered on top of each other into a short blast of absurd vocal noise!. Track two takes quite a different approach: samples from the 55 tracks were stretched and layered together producing three minutes of rich and haunting ambience.
Each disk features a black and white sticker printed onto pink paper and packaged in a square brown envelope with additional artwork mounted onto the front. Every copy includes a black and white folded paper insert printed onto pink paper.

This can be ordered directly from me:

UK: £3.20
Europe: £5.45
Worldwide: £6.20
PayPal: mike-ridge[AT]

Check out the full playlist here:

Sun Bleached Haze
‘Sun Bleached Haze’ is a s/sided C76 released on my own Quagga Curious Sounds.
“30 minutes of ultra lo fi microcassette field recordings, idle chatter, David Toop on Merzbow and train announcements from 2006-2014 on a recycled “The Tenderness of Wolves” audiobook tape!”

This tape also features three exlusive new collages and can be purchased directly from me:

ZM Poor Little Music
‘Cardboard Dove Pizza’ released on the Canadian label Poor Little Music features a live recording from Dove Street Studios Open Weekend 2015 in Norwich and various pizza box turntable / altered vinyl experiments!

Please support the label by purchasing a copy:

Finally a collaboration with Dona Ferentes on the Italian label Lonktaar:
“Interesting connection between two unholy morons…Zebra Mu recorded some mess around using metal junk, feedbacks and obscure home-made sound sources, and later Dona Ferentes reprocessed and worked on some of these recordings… a spectral piano salutes you after a bath of ear-crackling vibes, which slowly descends into a never-ending tunnel of pure madness”.

Please support the label by purchasing a copy:

Sound Waves is a project by Cities and Memory that forms part of World Listening Day 2015. It will celebrate and build on this year’s World Listening Day theme of water by presenting a collective reimagining of the sounds of water around the world and the role it plays in our lives.
My submitted field recording captures the sound of a leaking water pipe steadily dripping onto a redundant plastic container near our house. Interestingly the container very subtly amplified the sound of the water so it was slightly louder than expected whilst recording. It was recorded early in the morning so listeners will may also hear a continuous alarm clock beeping, nearby traffic and chatter from neighbours.

For the reimagined version a more unusual and hardware-based approach was taken. The original field recording was first transferred onto a compact audio cassette and samples of water were collected from the leaking pipe. In my studio the collected water was carefully dripped (the the aid of a pipette) directly onto the exposed circuit of a battery powered cassette player running the recording. The water droplets created new and momentary connections on the circuit causing the player to produce bursts of erratic noise and alterations in the playing speed. A delay pedal was utilised at various points primarily to enhance and play with the sonic textures of the water sound. Not only was the sound of water recorded but my intention was to use it as an instruments or sorts when reimagining the original field recording.

Cities and Memory will use the reimagined version and other contributions from artists and edit them into one longer, mixed sound piece incorporating many of the sounds in a new context. Both tracks are also featured on a special Sound Waves sound map.

For further information on this exciting project visit:

Check out the Sound Map:


The Crank Grooves Up Close

Here is a very special release on Quagga Curious Sounds – ‘The Crank’ – an electrically-recorded two minute wax cylinder with a running speed of 160 RPM that is suitable for playback on a majority of clockwork cylinder phonographs.

It’s named after a contraption that was often utilised as a form of hard labour within Victorian prisons. The device most commonly features a large drum containing four paddles connected to a handle that an inmate would have to turn thousands of times a day. Its only purpose was to exhaust and punish.
This one-off wax cylinder features a recording of a crank slowing being turned at Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery (I work here and it’s often featured on dungeon/prison tours). The recording is a succession of unsettling creaks, groans and scraps the device makes whilst in use, evoking the torment and monotony inmates had to endure.

The wax cylinder and crank both date from the 19th century and are now very much obsolete technology; the sound source as well as the method of sound reproduction compliment each other rather nicely.

Three 6 x 4” black and white photographs accompany the cylinder depicting the crank itself and display panel featuring an inmate using the device. All information is rubber-stamped onto a 2.5″ x 1.5″ piece of pale yellow. Only one copy was made and unfortunately it’s not for sale, however you can listen to the digital recording below…


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