Tip is a C19 containing two raw and dense wall noise experiments; inspired by cold and gloomy winter afternoons. This tape marks a further development in my wall noise craft under the Norfolk Trotter name.

A recycled black cassette with rubber-stamped round blue labels is packaged in a clear library case. B&W art work is printed onto blue paper.

This tape is self-released in an edition of eight hand-numbered copies.

£4.20 (UK)
£6.45 (Europe)
£7.20 (Worldwide)
PayPal/contact: mike-ridge@hotmail.co.uk


The short video piece Turntable Cactus Needles will be included in Streetlight – an ongoing video and digital media projection series curated by Roman Susan art space (Chicago, USA). Videos are digitally projected through the gallery walls at times when the art space is not open to the general public.

Videos will be projected every evening after dark between 15/12/16 – 30/12/16, for further information please visit:


You can also check out the original video on my Vimeo channel HERE


Norfolk Trotter is my new one-off Harsh Noise Wall side-project (my first wall recording since early 2014!) and ‘Gone’ is a C16 containing two raw unedited wall experiments.
I let my equipment (circuit bent radio and various distortion pedals) play continuously and each tape was recorded sequentially from it. I would describe Side A is a whirring, crackling wall; whilst Side B is a heavier and crunchier wall.

A recycled black cassette with rubber-stamped round red labels is packaged in a clear library case. B&W art work is printed onto light orange paper.

This tape is self-released in an edition of six hand-numbered copies.



I’m pleased to announce Water Damaged Tape Flow, a new video/sound work will be included in a group screening held in conjunction with the Bridgeport Art Trail in Bridgeport CT, USA on 12th November 2016.

The theme of the screening is water, dealing with water as more than just landscape and how its character can be cast as well. My interpretation is a fairly loose one: playing a field recording of a local river on water damaged magnetic tape which gently flows to the ground much like water itself.
The screening is curated by artist Crystal Heiden and held in the American Fabrics Building, further information on this event and others can be found here:





“Listening to this album by Zebra Mu, the musical project of Michael Ridge, made me realize that I may not have heard as much of his music; This seventeen-track release is a compilation of releases from the years mentioned in the title and are all released before; on cassettes, CDRs (3″ and business card included) and even floppy disks. I checked his website and apparently his video of a 5 pound note playing the 7″ of Abba’s ‘Money Money Money’ went viral, but there is more to be seen and it might be a glimpse into his sound world. He likes to construct stuff involving contact microphones and he likes using acoustic objects, along with a furious amount of feedback, distortion and sonic overload….”

You can read the full review by Frans de Ward at Vital Weekly (number 1056, week 45) here:

Check out this insightful review of Norwich Zine Fair Vol. 4 by composer and podcaster Jacob Solstice, it includes his thoughts on the Spear/Streak CDr and Junk Seance I released for Stuart Chalmers and Yol earlier this year.

Jacob Solstice

Note, I wrote this a while back – it refers to the Zine Fair held at Norwich Arts Centre in August 2016

This last week a lot of inspiration has been coming my way thanks to a visit to Norwich Zine Fair. Held in Norwich Arts Centre it’s a fantastic opportunity to connect with artists and their work, full of DIY vibes & enough exciting zines/books/music to drain my bank account in an hour (my wife had to stop me in the end).

Really good to see Michael Ridge there. I’ve been a fan of his since seeing a pop-up exhibition at St Lawrences church last year. Michael does really interesting art that playfully deconstructs and simultaneously reinvents formats. For example, getting people to reveal their deepest secrets and taping them, then placing a padlock through the cassette to prevent it being played. Or replacing the tape with sandpaper, liquorice etc (read…

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An exclusive new anti-record/tape art piece limited to just ten copies!

Ambient Mono Bird Loop is a four second tape loop of early morning bird song recorded in North Norfolk using a vintage Stellaphone Portable reel-to-reel tape recorder. The Loop itself is just over four seconds, which can also be played back on the Stellaphone (or possibly similar models too). The quality of recording is marvellous (in a pleasingly lo-fi way) considering the age and condition of the tape recorder. As I’ve had limited experience using reel-to-reel tape until now, this project also serves as a much needed opportunity to investigate this format further!

Each loop is protected in a plastic corked vial, which also includes is a tiny fragment of a bird feather and information printed onto yellow paper. It can be purchased directly from me:

£3.70 (UK)
£5.95 (Europe)
£6.70 (Worldwide)
PayPal/contact: mike-ridge[AT]hotmail.co.uk

Check out this video of the loop being played: