A collection of lo-fi microcassette recordings captured on my trusty Olympus Pearlcorder S600 between May – July 2021! This album features a mix of drone, noise, flexi cut-ups, field recordings, daily life, answering machine messages, wind up music box and on hold music.

B&W folded cover is printed onto light peach paper, each copy includes a paper insert and rubber-stamped stickered CDr. Released on Quagga Curious Sounds in an edition of 25 hand-numbered copies. This can be purchased directly from me via PayPal or through my Bandcamp page!

£4.60 (UK)
£6.90 (Europe)
£7.60 (Worldwide)
PayPal/contact: mike-ridge[AT]hotmail.co.uk
Prices in GBP

An exclusive new track Roof Meditation appears on Daredevil Meditations, a 66 track compilation produced/curated by Hal McGee and Chris Phinney. The theme for contributing artists was interpreting the title of the compilation in anyway you wanted, the result is an incredibly diverse selection of tracks! My contribution is a carefully layered/looped field recording of noisy scaffolders working on our neighbours house. Available to stream/download via Hal McGee’s Bandcamp page.

My latest offering is a single 43-minute composition of subtle and at times near inaudible field recording tape loops blended with extended lo-fi drone work. Listening material for that period just before dawn slowly breaks.

B&W artwork is printed onto either grey, blue or black recycled pastel paper, each copy features a stickered black tape shell packaged in a black-backed library case. Dubbed in real-time for that extra warmth and hiss! Released on Quagga Curious Sounds in an edition of 30 hand-numbered copies. You can either purchase it directly from me via PayPal or through my Bandcamp page! >>>


A compilation featuring the sounds of cheap and plastic consumer level Casio, Yamaha, Bontempi, Kawasaki, Concertmate, and other various brand electric-powered keyboards! Organised, compiled and released by Hal McGee, it is now available to download/stream on Bandcamp. 44 tracks over 145 minutes, lots of great artists and sounds to check out! My contribution DEAD PortaSound Drone is a minimal drone composition sourced from a Yamaha PortaSound PSS-120…

Undocumented Events and Object Permanence (curated by Noemata) is an online exhibition series thematising documentation, conservation, (false) memory, (art) object, phenomenology, and blockchain certification. If you have a chance do check out the e-book featuring all the works exhibited in the four collections during 2019-2020, showing 270 works from more than 167 artists (including me!).

Download/read here: https://noemata.net/ueop/book/

More information on the exhibition series: https://noemata.net/ueop/