A 12″ anti-record fabricated from flattened lager/soft drinks cans and scrap metal played with a modified tonearm featuring a craft knife blade mounted onto a battery contact spring (which provides a nice reverb-like effect). A fun experiment perfect for noise experimentation!

Playing smashed up and reassembled vintage 78 RPM records the right way: with a contact mic’d mangled lager can. Stripped back austere harsh noise, recorded live to cassette with no edits or treatments; letting the lager can do all the talking.

Released on Quagga Curious Sounds in an edition of 16 hand-numbered copies. Available to stream/download via my Bandcamp page, at the time of writing I have several cassette copies left to purchase through the merch page!

An experimental tape loop work where the magnetic tape runs over numerous guide rollers mounted onto a cork noticeboard with map pins. Warped/degraded organ music plays (a rendition of Aram Khachaturian’s Sabre Dance) which runs through a Behringer DR600 Digital Reverb and Boss CE-5 Chorus Ensemble pedal to a Marshall MS2 Micro Amp.

The beauty about this loop is the guide rollers can be configured to almost any shape/design within the confines of the noticeboard, as long as the rollers are loose enough to move freely it will run without any issues! If you’re a tape looper I’d recommend giving this a go!

Your late summer treat is here: the sonic equivalent to a tanned and oily Hank Hill playing an R18 version of Encarta Mindmaze on a Kaypro 10 in Hawaii…!

CDr features naff folded colour art work and stickered CDr packaged in a slim jewel case. Released on Quagga Curious Sounds in an edition of 20 hand-numbered copies. It can be purchased through Bandcamp or directly from me:

£4.80 (UK)
£7.10 (Europe)​
£7.80 (Worldwide)​
PayPal/contact: mike-ridge[AT]hotmail.co.uk​
Prices in GBP


X æ (3.5″ floppy disk, Quagga Curious Sounds) and Wreck 78 (b/card CDr & Anti-Record fragment, Self-Released) are two recent and ultra limited Zebra Mu items which sold out almost immediately after release! Both are now available to download/stream via my Bandcamp page if you didn’t get a chance to pick up a physical copy.

A collection of lo-fi microcassette recordings captured on my trusty Olympus Pearlcorder S600 between May – July 2021! This album features a mix of drone, noise, flexi cut-ups, field recordings, daily life, answering machine messages, wind up music box and on hold music.

B&W folded cover is printed onto light peach paper, each copy includes a paper insert and rubber-stamped stickered CDr. Released on Quagga Curious Sounds in an edition of 25 hand-numbered copies. This can be purchased directly from me via PayPal or through my Bandcamp page!