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Stretch & Burn

Michael Ridge

Politics is a serious business for a president who isn’t. Healthcare is a concerning business for those without. Wealth is big business for the few with it. Art can be a serious business even when it isn’t.

Michael Ridge’s artworks are seriously fun business even though, at first, they appear not.  A product of a residency at Dove Street studios this exhibition is a must see and one for the kids too.

In the red corner: car crashes on tape. In the blue corner: dental floss recordings. One very serious and one very fun, and the other way around until the next one. A ping-pong ball nestled in a small speaker cone. Aroused by vibrations it sings and dances alone, or is it attention-starved and recognition prone?

During the private view performance seventy-eight seventy-eights were smashed into bits, and all about the place people laughed…

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Old Shales is just under six minutes of pummelling lo-fi Harsh Wall Noise crammed onto black recycled floppy disks. Released in an edition of five copies on Floppy Kick’s excellent Eco Series!

For further information and to purchase a copy from the label, please visit:


Flux Cass Collab’ is a collaboration with Kommissar Hjuler and Mama Baer (Kommissar Hjuler Und Frau) released as a CDr on their label Der Schöne Hjuler-Memorial-Fond.

The husband and wife duo sent me a track; I reworked this live in my studio through a modified/broken cassette player, circuit bent echo pedal and delay pedal. The result is a warbled, spluttering and occasionally noisy composition!

Coil Spring Works C25 is out now on the excellent and very prolific Altar of Waste Records!

“I’ve been a fan of UK sound artist Michael Ridge for a while now. Relentlessly creative, Michael runs the wonderful label Quagga Curious Sounds, which produces lovely cassettes and odd-format releases that draw from drone, hnw, harsh noise, and participates in numerous projects such as Zebra Mu and Norfolk Trotter.
Coil Spring Works is a beautiful release of yawning, gargantuan drones produced by a simple spring instrument of Michael’s own invention. Truly massive and engulfing, and at times quite lovely and restrained”. (label description)

Released in a limited edition of 10 hand-numbered copies.

Please support the label by purchasing a copy HERE