My first true anti-record in quite some time, Staple Flex is a pre-existing flexi disc where the playing surface has been carefully spray painted, sanded down and stapled. Much like Anti-Flex released back in 2010 all existing music has nearly been eradicated leaving harsh surface noise if played back (which much be done with extreme caution).

Each flexi disc comes with a colour centre label which is packaged in a black stickered cardboard sleeve. Every copy includes an additional colour insert printed onto white card. Edition of four hand-numbered copies


Misc Loops #2 is composed from several tape loops of thunderstorm rumbles and ambient music discreetly recorded during a visit to Aqua Sana Spa at Center Parcs in Thetford.
The rumbles of thunder were captured onto a portable cassette recorder during an electrical storm earlier in August, segments were carefully looped afterwards and played back/manipulated together whilst recording. The loop of ambient music is subtly shoehorned in, providing a pleasing and tranquil contrast to the relentless thunder. I’d recommend playing this tape at low volume on a drizzly late afternoon….

Dubbed onto recycled audio book tapes, side B includes the original content for your own listening gratification. Art work is printed in blue ink onto yellow paper, each copy comes with an additional paper insert and colour label. Edition of 11 hand-numbered copies.


Just over a minute of focused Harsh Noise and squawking electronics cut onto 5.5″ square pieces of recycled clear plastic, originally used to package venetian blinds! A highly experimental and very lo-fi lathe cut record, a lot of surface noise is present and sound quality comparable to a picnic plate lathe cut or old 78.

Every copy features B&W artwork/information printed onto pearlescent bronze paper. Each record is housed in a white paper sleeve with artwork printed in green ink.

Released on Quagga Curious Sounds in an edition of 11 hand-numbered copies, unfortunately these are now sold out!


Knapped is the latest Norfolk Trotter album, self-released on CDr and limited to just five hand-numbered copies. Comprising of a single 36-minute wall inspired by the myriad of beautiful medieval buildings found in my home city of Norwich, particularly the flint knapped walls of the Guildhall located on Gaol Hill.

The CDr is packaged in a black slimline DVD case and features a colour label, an additional colour insert printed onto yellow paper is also included. The front cover is a detailed photograph of the Western wall of the Guildhall:


Several layered field recordings of bluebottles flying indoors and outside were captured onto this seven second tape loop/art object. Afterwards seven dead flies near both recording sites were picked up, then carefully mounted inside the cassette shell.

Edition of one copy.