Just under seven minutes of lo-fi HNW composed from two pieces of contact mic’d coarse sandpaper being rubbed together. No effects or editing used.

Each anti-floppy is labelled with coarse sandpaper, standard playback is not recommended as damage to equipment is very likely. A further piece of sandpaper is provided for listeners to rub the floppy disk against to create their own wall.

Self-released in an edition of six hand-numbered copies.

£3.80 (UK)
£6.05 (Europe)
£6.80 (Worldwide)
PayPal/contact: mike-ridge[AT]hotmail.co.uk

*Please note: a digital copy of the recording is provided with each purchase.


Relaxation Techniques is a four-minute composition built around two microcassette loops simultaneously playing two recordings from a metal singing bowl. A lo-fi, minimal and (in my opinion) relaxing work. The compressed and limited frequency response of the microcassette is an enjoyable aspect of the format, compressing down the file further for floppy disk creates new, and intriguing sonic possibilities.

Every recycled disk is packaged in a folded brown A5 envelope with B&W art work (printed onto peach coloured paper) mounted onto each one. An additional blue paper insert accompanies each labelled floppy disk.

Self-released in an edition of 12 hand-numbered copies, this can be purchased directly from me:

£3.20 (UK)
£5.45 (Europe)
£6.20 (Worldwide)
PayPal/contact: mike-ridge[AT]hotmail.co.uk


Rough Sound Walk Loops is featured on the digital compilation Off Track, released by Esc.rec. (bundled with the 4 CD box)

Each contributing artist was given original recordings to rework from four sound walks conducted by sound artist Jeroen Diepenmaat at Keizersrande, Netherlands. The 4 CD box is also the source material for the tracks on Off Track, which is included in the purchase as a download.

For the press release and purchase/download:



This short demo video depicts two microcassette loops playing pre-recorded sounds from gently striking a small metal singing bowl. Both loops are playing through an inexpensive delay pedal (Donner Yellow Fall), connected to a Marshall MS-2C amp.

The distinctly lo-fi sound quality of the format is one I enjoy working with, also the ability to switch 2.4 cm/s and 1.2 cm/s playing speeds which is experimented with in the video.

A 7.5 second tape loop containing the crunchy and satisfying sound of walking on gravel. Gravel fragments are mounted inside the clear tape shell as guide rollers, the more it’s played the more damaged the magnetic tape gets. Gravel destroying the sound of gravel.

The work Luggage Lock Lathe Cut Locked (exhibited in Stretch & Burn earlier this year) will be featured in the exciting group exhibition It Sounds Devicive!, part of FaB18 – Fringe Arts Bath Festival, a contemporary visual arts festival. ISD! is curated by artist and musician Lee Riley.

For more information on ISD! and Fringe Arts Bath please visit:

6-7 New Bond Street Place, Bath, BA1 5BH

10am to 6pm daily – 26 May to 10 June