As part of [Live] Art Club on the 14th May at the Norwich Arts Centre I’ll be performing a brief DJ set with two hand cranked pizza box turntables (each with three pick up cones and needles!), cheese graters, hole punchers and helium balloons! Super lo fi noisy fun guaranteed…
Catch this performance in the bar at 11.15pm.

For further information on this and other great events at the Arts Centre:

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We’re very pleased to present our third six-page mini zine “Perspicuus / Filum” (roughly translated from Latin means “transparent / thread”). A zine quite different from our previous two as the pages are printed onto clear acetate, bound together with ½ inch magnetic audio tape and packaged in a rubber-stamped brown kraft envelope; with 1⁄4 magnetic audio tape mounted differently onto each copy!
Demonstrating our recent experiments in stitching, warped photocopied imagery, text, rubber-stamping and mark-making. We recommend holding each page up to a window or light source to to best appreciate its contents.

This publication was officially released at the Norwich Arts Centre zine fair but copies are still available. For further information and to order a one please email ridgeandscrase[AT]hotmail.com or use the contact form on the site.

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A collage / mail art piece of mine is currently on public display as part of the “A House Travels Around the World” group exhibition at the Museum Malerwinkelhaus Marktbreit in Germany from 26th March – 1st November 2015.
To accompany the exhibition a wonderful 88 page colour catalogue featuring all 400 works by 180 participants has been published!

My submission can be viewed here:

Further information on the catalogue and exhibition:


Back when MySpace still reigned supreme for many Noise artists and labels I produced this untitled cassette to give away at gigs. Only three were ever given out to unsuspecting and confused foreign exchange students whilst I was still at University – I recall it was after a particularly uncomfortable performance I put on for them.

15 were made and the other 11 were recently discovered during a clear out of my studio! It’s a single 12 minute track dubbed onto branded recycled cassettes with a two-panel fold out cover. The track is one I particularly enjoy due to its frantic lo-fi junk metal bashing and improvised and largely unintentional electronic shrieks and squeals.

This recently discovered gem is now (finally!) available to buy or trade:

£3.00 (UK)
£5.00 (Europe)
£6.00 (Worldwide)
Paypal: mike-ridge[AT]hotmail.co.uk


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