I’m excited to announce Carbonated Beverage Tape Loops is featured on Antihistamine 2022, a compilation released by Histamine Tapes (USA). The theme of the comp is water, with the label asking artists to send something that in someway suggests water or even better actual field recordings of water! The sound source for my track (as the title suggests) is a hydrophone dipped into a class of cola which was then recorded/layered onto a 30 second tape loop.

Money raised from this album will be donated to One Tree Planted: https://onetreeplanted.org/

Second collection of lo-fi microcassette works blending found/weird answering machine messages and field recordings with my own jams captured on a Sanyo TRC-530M Talk-Book! An assorted release covering spoken word, noise, vocal/trumpet improvisations, drone and extended microcassette looping.

Released on Quagga Curious Sounds as a CDr in an edition of 28 hand-numbered copies, also available to download/stream via Bandcamp.

 A single raw uncompromising wall crafted from grinding/scraping two Norfolk flint nodules together, recorded in one take with no editing etc. Self-released as a 3″CDr.

The fine folks at Musique Machine have provided a nice review: https://www.musiquemachine.com/reviews/reviews_template.php?id=9315


 Acerbitas was my Harsh Noise Wall project between 2010 – 2014, “Wall Retrospective” covers a selection of personal favourites recorded during the four years I was recording under this name.

The word acerbitas is Latin and defined as harshness, bitterness or anguish – this meaning forms the overall theme/aesthetic of the project. In terms of how walls were fashioned my set-up at the time was a simple one: a portable radio hooked up to a chain of FX pedals. Much like the French master Vomir, there was little change or dynamics in the walls being created, a contrast to the livelier work of my current Norfolk Trotter project.

Most material (if not all) is long out of print and not available to download or stream, for those newer to my body of work I hope you enjoy! Self-released as a x2 CDr.

Raw lo-fi hydrophone field recording tape loops documented in the River Yare and River Wensum (Norwich, Norfolk, UK). The recordings themselves were captured using a handmade 35mm mono piezo hydrophone connected to a Sony TCM-200DV. Each five second loop features a slightly different recording (from the same locations) and housed in a recycled Chivers audio book tape. 

Each stickered tape loop is packaged in a zip lock bag, included are two colour print outs printed onto card and strip of paper with release info wrapped around the tape shell.

Self-released in an edition of 15 hand-numbered copies.

Available to purchase through my Bandcamp merch page!

Two blissed out lo-fi ambient/drone works originally captured on a portable cassette recorder in early 2021 and then reworked/edited this year.

Folded black & white artwork is printed onto light purple paper and packaged in a black velvet drawstring bag. Each CDr is rubber-stamped and stickered. Released on Quagga Curious Sounds as a limited edition 3″CDr, also available to download/stream via Bandcamp.

Twelve tracks composed from heavily water damaged and stretched reel-to-reel loops. The original material on the magnetic tape just about plays through the layers of hiss and natural degradation, creating a sentimental and almost melancholy work. The original reel of tape was discovered in a box with an assortment of photos, old envelopes, and leaflets (used for the cover art) being thrown away in our local area.

Released on Quagga Curious Sounds as a limited edition CDr, also available to download/stream via Bandcamp.

Two short tracks of fluctuating and dynamic noise fashioned from the mangled remnants of a mic’d up acoustic guitar (wrecked during my last gig) and satisfyingly minimal pedal set-up. Recorded on a semi-functional Tascam 4-track Portstudio for added vivacity…

Released on Quagga Curious Sounds as a b/card CDr in an edition of 20 hand-numbered copies.