Summer 2019 is a Bandcamp only album featuring ten unreleased field recordings documented last year, during the heady summer months. Raw and lo-fi in nature, most of the tracks were captured with a humble Olympus Digital Voice Recorder Vn-731PC. Many of the recordings also utilise a homemade mono hydrophone connected to a Marshall MS-2C amplifier, allowing occasional riverbed activity to also come through.

Quagga Curious Sounds

QCS_132 Michael Ridge “Misc Loops #5” C20 (edition of 20)

The fifth instalment of the Misc Loops series explores extended tape loops of lo-fi ambient music subtly incorporating field recordings of bird song, chimes, streams/rivers and the coast. A soundtrack to fading coastal memories.

Colour artwork is printed onto white paper and packaged in dark blue backed library cases. Each copy features fetching plum purple tape shells and colour labels.

£4.50 (UK)
£6.75 (Europe)​
£7.50 (Worldwide)​
PayPal/contact: mike-ridge[AT]​
Prices in GBP

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Quagga Curious Sounds

QCS_130 Zebra Mu “Aimless Distortion” C9 (edition of 15)

New Zebra Mu hitting you with frenzied harsh noise and distressed electronics!

Each cassette is packaged in a black back library case that feature black and green printed labels. Front cover artwork is printed in black ink, whilst the inside cover artwork is printed in red ink onto light peach paper.

£4.20 (UK)
£6.45 (Europe)
£7.20 (Worldwide)
PayPal/contact: mike-ridge[AT]
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QCS-003Z Various Artists “FYI: DIY Label Sampler & Art Zine” CDr (edition of 30)

Created for the Norwich Millennium Library Zine Fair on 23 November 2019!

Each copy includes an eight page mini art zine showcasing a few favourite front cover artworks designed over the years, printed in either magenta or red ink onto light blue paper. The labelled CDr comprises of selected tracks from past releases, features material from: Mutant Ape, Utnapishtim & Bruital Orgasme, blackhumor, GX…

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I’m excited to announce two floppy disk video/sound works Floppy Friction (Performance for Two Floppy Disks and Contact Microphone) and Floppy Destruction (Performance for One Floppy Disk and Contact Microphone) are included in Floppy Totaal – Double Density on 19 October at Varia (Gouwstraat 3, Rotterdam). Inspired by the works of John Cage and Alvin Lucier, both videos reveal the physicality and compression limits of this humble disk storage medium.

“The emphasis of this evening lies on the concept of the floppy disk as comfort food in a “future/present shocked” digital age. In what way does working with floppy disks help us cope in a time preoccupied with “new” media and planned obsolescence? Does the floppy disk hold more content than just 1,44 MB of data? Join us to find out!”

For further information please visit: (in Dutch)