Dadada anti-CDr/mail art object is included in the Dada/fluXus/MailArt Exhibition at Exit11 Contemporary Art Gallery, rue de Petit-Leez 129, 5031 Grand-Leez, Namur, Belgium. It is open to the public 8:00-17:00, between 15 September – 15 October.

You can check out my piece and others in the online catalogue:

For further information on the gallery please visit:

Quagga Curious Sounds

QCS_127 Michael Ridge “Padlock Loop” Anti Tape Loop & C18 (edition of 10)

Presenting my latest tape loop / anti-cassette project!

Padlock Loop consists of a five second tape loop and C18 reel of tape mounted in an all clear screwed cassette shell. A heavy-duty padlock is fastened onto the supply reel, a key is provided: however, this is wedged inside the cassette shell making playback initially impossible. Playing the loop requires listeners to unscrew the cassette shell, remove the key then reassemble the cassette without the padlock attached. The C18 reel can either be mounted into another cassette shell or utilise the existing one with the tape loop removed.

The loop and C18 reel contain recordings sourced directly from one of the padlocks; utilising a contact microphone to capture the various metallic scraps, clicks and clunks when used.

All information is printed onto a small transparent acetate sheet. Tools…

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I’m delighted to present a Norfolk Trotter split with DNW project Eugene Critchley (from the talented and prolific Cory Strand).

“NT’s side is some extremely caustic, yet mesmerizing, mid-heavy HNW that goes through a vast array of subtle changes over its 30 minute runtime.
EC’s side serve’s up the project’s bleak wallcraft, utilizing a variety of samples and sound sources.

Released in a limited edition of 11 copies. Packaged in a fold-over cardstock cover, printed on four different colours of stock (white, blue, red, orange.) Artwork and layout is a collaboration between Michael and myself”.

Please support Cory by purchasing a copy (it can also be streamed in its entirety on Bandcamp):

“ECC5 is a compilation of collaborative duos chosen by chance. 58 members of the Electronic Cottage Community requested participation in the EC Compilation project. On July 12, 2019 compilation producer Hal McGee drew two names at a time from a brown paper sack containing slips of paper on which he had written the names of the 58 participants.

​The collaborators were instructed to create an audio work not exceeding two minutes and 53 seconds in length, plus artwork to accompany the audio recording”.

Further information and a full track list is detailed on the Electronic Cottage website:

Michael Cosma (you can check out his recordings here: was my fellow collaborator, Norwich Man Board being the result of our work together!

I used a Sanyo TRC-570M Talk Book microcassette recorder and CMC A09HH tape recorder to capture chance encounters with buskers, slithers of audio cassette found on the ground (and repairing/loading into a tape shell), free furniture, and friendly volunteers in the workplace.
Michael Cosma used the following software: Audacity and LMMS (Linux Multimedia Studio). My recordings were manipulated and cut up in Audacity, then a couple percussive tracks were made in LMMS, then put all together back in Audacity.