Prototype Sound Yard Tape


Sound Yard Poster #2

Just a quick reminder Urban Garden Survey (for Audio Cassette) will form part of the group sound-based exhibition Sound Yard hosted by Iklectik Art Lab in London! The work will be a series of brief site-specific field recordings captured in the Iklectik Art Lab garden; these will be recorded onto custom-made three-minute audio cassettes. I’ll predominately be utilising contact microphones to amplify the texture and crunch of leaves, twigs grass and any other natural materials encountered during my time at the garden. Along with the audio each cassette will encase small samples of the vegetation etc. used during the recording process.

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BRINK USB Stick #2

BRINK USB Stick #1

BRINK is a sound compilation of 156 one-minute tracks curated by ATTN:Magazine on the themes of LIFE and DEATH. I’m absolutely delighted to be included on this amazing compilation.

The compilation is now available to download for free, or for a modest fee it can be ordered on a sumptuous engraved wooden USB stick (which also includes a unique painting and “thank you” note packaged in a stickered paper bag):




An exclusive new Zebra Mu recording Inmate Scrape Shake appears on this international reel-to-reel compilation (a format first for me!) released by Nazlo Records in Russia. My contribution is created from processed and layered field recordings of dragging rusty chains and manacles across a stone floor; the entire piece was recorded in the basement/dungeons of Norwich Castle Museum. The compilation is limited to just 66 copies and features a gorgeous silk-screened handmade box and additional A4 insert.

For further information please visit the Discogs page HERE

To purchase a copy you can email the label directly on



Tortilla Chip

Three recent video works Every Rose Bush Has Its Thorn(s), Ice Cream (Cone) and The Lightly Salted Tortilla Chip I Heard In Tijuana Volume 3 are currently featured (from July – August) on An Evolving Thesis.

“An Evolving Thesis is an exhibition residency program dedicated to showcasing cutting-edge new media art and born-digital content. The artist-run initiative seeks to create a dialogue between the conventional and the experimental, art and technology, and the creation and experience of art, in an environment that is responsive to the issues of digital art, while being accessible to anyone with an Internet connection”.

To watch the videos please click on the link below:




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