Nightingale Sandpaper Loops comprises of two 15 minute experimental tape loop compositions. Each track is built around a four second tape loop of birdsong and ambient music, this was played inside a tape shell lined with coarse sandpaper – the purpose being to intentionally damage the magnetic tape as it plays. The result is a fragile and lo-fi work where the loop slowly degrades and stretches as the composition progresses.

It is released on the Russian label Nazlo Records as a 5” reel-to-reel tape; also featuring beautifully handcrafted packaging and a unique page from a Soviet colouring book.

You can listen to an excerpt from both tracks below:


I’m very excited to announce the release of my split with the legendary Noise project Torturing Nurse – all crammed onto a tiny 3″ lathe cut record! Expect two super short tracks of horrible lo-fi frantic Harsh Noise weirdness! Play this to take your mind off recent world events!
Front and back B&W cover art is printed onto clear acetate and housed inside a clear CD sleeve. Small rubber-stamped stickers are mounted onto each lathe and secured onto red pearlescent card; additional B&W art/cut-outs are printed onto yellow paper.

This is released on my label Quagga Curious Sounds, you can purchase a copy directly from myself:


**PLEASE BE AWARE** this is a handmade and highly experimental/lo-fi record! These seem to play well on older turntables, odd models and those that play to the spindle.

Super Short Video Preview >>>>>>>>>


Last year I was featured (along with 140 artists) in the Leap Second Festival 2016, a distributed, decentralized event for art, technology and precarity, coordinated on the Internet. The overall theme of the festival was presenting projects and works lasting one second or less; it took place 31st December 23:59:60 – 1st January 2017 00:00:00 (UTC). During this second all projects and works were exhibited, performed, and executed.

If you missed this fleeting event a comprehensive list of all works/links can be accessed here:

Two new works and one from 2015 were included, these were:


Corrupted Video File (One Second Minimal Glitch Aesthetic Study) (Video – One Second Film Festival)
Documentation of an unexpected one second green screen software glitch using the video camera on a Microsoft Lumia phone.

One Second DVD Glitch Loops (Audio – Songs for the Leap Second)
Fabricated from a telephone pick-up coil attached to a modified/hacked DVD player. Intentionally causing DVD’s to glitch in the first second of its running time – these one second glitches/noise were looped and piece composed from these. The spinning DVD disk being an abstract Earth glitch metaphor.
A 29 track compilation, direct download link here:

One Second One Heartbeat  (Jpeg – Songs for the Leap Second)
Conceptual sound art / non-playable tape art sculpture from 2015; consisting of a fragile one second tape loop containing a recording of the artist’s own heartbeat.
Released in 2015 on NONE Records (USA) in an edition of 20 copies, also exhibited the same year for the New Works Exhibition at Yallops Gallery in Norwich (UK).

Have a great 2017!!



Human Voice Microcassette Collage is included on the fourth of Linear Obsessional’s annual “Open Access” compilations of tracks exactly two minutes long. The theme of Utterances is the human voice; my contribution is a lo-fi medley of lift and tannoy announcements, walkie talkie chatter at work, voicemail, museum audio guides and samples from a Lotus Buddhist Music Machine.

Featuring a staggering 112 tracks (3 hours and 44 minutes!) and a 53-page booklet of notes and images by the artists… best of all its free to download!




Several weeks ago, I was exceptionally fortunate to acquire a working vintage ST 471 Stellaphone Portable reel-to-reel tape recorder complete with microphone and two reels! It discovered in a box of junk being given away for free (even better!) near where I live. The ST 471 was first cleaned up, then utilised in several works such as Sound Art is D.E.A.D. and Ambient Mono Bird Loop.

I finally found the time to play tape it was loaded with (which was quite tatty and stretched), sadly it was predominately blank; however, the last minute yielded this intriguing and somewhat eerie recording. Apart from some very minimal editing this is the recording I discovered in all its glory. From about 11 to 45 seconds it reminds me of a motorcycle revving up or lion roaring, the rest could be a murky synth work…?! If you have any thoughts, please do get in touch!