Torturing Nurse / Zebra Mu Split C10 is out now on my label Quagga Curious Sounds!

Anticipate two slabs of straight up ruthless Harsh Noise from myself and Torturing Nurse!

Each copy features a black cassette shell with colour labels and double-sided colour artwork printed onto two sheets of white card. Every cassette is folded inside a printed B&W collage on yellow paper that is held together with a rubber-stamped colour sticker. A random 35mm vintage colour slide or cloth patch is included; everything is packaged inside a clear zip-lock bag.


‘Listen’ exhibits the work of four artists’ exploration of sound. Comprised of sound and instructional-based artworks, the audience are invited to interact with the pieces by following the artists’ instructions. ‘Listen’ exhibits a variety of themes, ranging from spoken word and ambient sounds, to synaesthesia.

I will be exhibiting two new/work in progress pieces: an instructional site-specific tape loop and prepared turntable work.

26th – 28th April, 12.00pm – 16.30pm
Curated by Megan Jayne Ryder

Studio 20, 20 Wensum Street, Norwich, NR3 1HY

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Dream House 2017 comprises of 22 wonderful miniature rooms specially created by Norfolk-based architects, artists, makers, students and school groups. These form part of the temporary exhibition Small Stories: At Home in a Dolls’ House currently on display at the Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery until 25 June 2017.

The Balcony of the Best Exotic Geranium Hotel is a collaboration between myself and artist Karl Foster, my contribution being sound-based and Karl the objects and surfaces inside the room. We created the room under the direction of Mark Smith, Leisure and Education Coordinator for The Norfolk and Norwich Association for the Blind (The NNAB). As Mark is blind, his Dream Room encourages visitors to engage through sound, touch and smell. A myriad of pleasing textures and objects are await those that navigate his room.
An audio description was carefully composed with Mark to provide navigation and an insightful account of his room; furthermore additional field recordings were subtly included to further enhance the viewer’s experience.

Come and experience the room for yourself!

For further information on the exhibition and NNAB please visit:

Small Story Soundscape will be a fun and interactive drop-in session for families at the Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery, visitors will have the chance to explore the sound-making properties of everyday objects and toys! If experimenting with a matchbox paperclip microphone or making a din using a slinky spring or coat hanger is appealing, please come along!

This activity forms part of the Easter Holiday programme relating to the current temporary exhibition Small Stories: At Home in a Dolls’ House.

I will be at the museum between 10.30-12.30 and 13.30-15.30 on April 3rd.

Only a handful of these highly experimental lathe cut records were pressed, consequently they sold out almost immediately. Don’t worry if you missed this one, the next batch is already being planned!

Quagga Curious Sounds



QCS_098 Zebra Mu “Plastic Junk Warp” 5″ s/sided rectangular recycled plastic lathe cut 33⅓ RPM (edition of 4)

Just over a minute of primitive junk metal bashing with a smattering of squealing electronics!

This lathe cut record is possibly the first of its kind: each copy is sourced from recycled plastic packaging commonly used for Christmas and greeting card multi-packs! As you would expect this is an highly experimental and (very) lo-fi record, comparable in sound quality to the picnic plate lathe cuts I’ve released in the past.
Every copy features B&W artwork printed onto silver paper, also included is a rubber-stamped sticker and B&W paper insert printed onto light grey paper.


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Degrade is the third release under the Norfolk Trotter name; it is the result of investigating low-bit walls and shoehorning them onto 3.5” floppy disks.

Clocking in at 11 and a half minutes, the drastic compression of the original recording creates an intriguing set of new textures that, in my opinion enhances the wall overall.

Each copy is packaged in a clear zip-lock bag and features folded colour artwork printed on white paper. A handmade colour label is mounted onto each disk.

This floppy is self-released in an edition of 10 hand-numbered copies.


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Tape and covers


Flexi Loop Tape is included on a new series of four second loop tapes released by the eclectic Italian DIY label Lonktaar! (

A different recording is on every loop, chiefly from playing modified 7″ flexi discs through various delay and distortion pedals. Expect slices of nasty snatch-and-scrape bruitism which can be played forever…….

Each copy features a spray-painted black recycled tape packaged in a unique hand-decorated white envelope. A photocopied and spray-painted card insert, label flyer and black napkin is also included.

You can purchase a copy directly from me: