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Rough Parts features just over a minute of experimental circuit bent noise tomfoolery on black recycled floppy disks. Released in an edition of five hand-numbered copies exclusively on Floppy Kick’s Eco Series!

For further information and to purchase a copy from the label, please visit:


Floppy Kick Photo
A split 3.5″ floppy disk single with Robert Ridley-Shackleton is now available on the great Hungarian label Floppy Kick:

A reissue of a personal favourite from 2012 Huff Paint To Reach Enlightenment a collaboration with Blue Spectrum (Simon Wilson) is now available as a CDr on his new label/project Blood Diamond Music:

Thorsten Marc Soltau sent me two great reviews and photographs of the recent Zebra Mu / Tristan Burfield: Split C30 and Zebra Mu: Muscle Junk 3.5″ floppy disk single!

“Michael Ridge kindly send me two of his latest offerings under his Zebra Mu moniker, one released by his own label, Quagga Curious Sounds and one under the label umbrella of Tristan Burfield. It’s a noisy affair and as you can guess from the delicious remix packed on the Sindre Bjerga release, this is the noise update you had to expect-

The Zebra Mu floppy contains a three minute work (kindly provided via the internet way- no floppy reader here) and is a deep abyss of drenched sounds. Delay units and manipulated gear, across voice samples and tape flutter. You have to see and hear to believe- “Mahogany Beast” is indeed a muscular piece of work, piercing and hard, but also carefully executed to avoid any noisewall-character. The shifting tones and mumbling bits soaked in hiss and squelching loops are a short but excellent extension of the Zebra Mu universe. The collage is a nice art-factor- and represents the schematic of the title perfectly. The intention of the title is elegantly left out- maybe this is a subtle statement against too overbuild noise in general? We owe you an answer to it yet, sorry.

The tape is a different programme, featuring a suite of tracks by Tristan played on a guitar. A pretty minimal setup, a diverse affair after his excellent pixelpop on QCS. Strumming along and floating on a wave of acoustic balances, this is a very soft relation to the b-side of Zebra Mu. Interesting, I had Tortoise in mind while listening, but with a stripped equipment.
“Punishment And Starvation” on the back offers a fluid and melange’d sound debris, from scratched tape sounds to militant time mangled rhythms. Ultra Eczema universe, reinterpretated on his own. A pleasant and wonderful world, sewn together with malicious frequencies.

Both releases are strictly limited to under 20 copies each, so do not sleep on this!”