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Phonosheet Deconstruction was featured in the Cicada Consort Charity Music Marathon held at the University of Alabama Moody Concert and Recital Hall, USA on the 26th March 2016.

It was created from cutting up and crudely taping together two warped/scratched 7″ flexi disc records. The piece was played in the recital hall alongside a continuous stream of other stereo electronic works.

Horn Sick Tape Front Cover

Horn Sick Tape Photo

Uncompromising and frenzied lo-fi harsh noise captured live in one take on a hand-held cassette recorder. No edits or treatments, teetering on the edge of total equipment failure and control. Cursing included.
Each tape is packaged in a medical grade fold-up sick bag, included is a b/w paper insert printed onto lightly marbled paper. An exclusive self-released tape and limited to only four hand-numbered copies!