A brief spoken word composition utilising a microcassette recorder (with the back cover removed), the performer’s voice and body. Solo for Voice, Body and Microcassette Recorder draws the listener’s attention to the format’s low-fidelity and limitations as an audio storage medium.

During the piece the performer is instructed to briefly touch the exposed circuit-board. As flesh is an excellent conductor of electricity the body literally becomes part of the recording as bridging different locations on the board with fingers effectively creates a free-range resistor and capacitor to the circuit. The results of this action can vary but usually it distorts and interferes with the recording itself. Body size, finger pressure and level of moisture on the skin will affect the level of distortion and interference.

Solo for Voice, Body and Microcassette Recorder was part of Sound, Music, Embodiment and the Body: installation curated by Lauren Redhead which formed part of Sounds Sonic Festival, firstsite, Colchester, 2nd – 3rd November 2013.


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