Adam Of Your Labours was featured in Sound Device n.1 on 28th January 2013. Sound Devices was a series of monthly events for artists and audiences to explore the connection between sound, acousmatic music and literature. Organised in celebration of the Rathmines Library’s 100th anniversary and curated by sound artist La Cosa Preziosa.

The piece was inspired by Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and in particular the creature Victor creates. Although little detail exists on how Victor brought the creature to life this piece is a loose interpretation of its conception.

Mary Shelley implied the use of Galvanism (reviving the dead via an electrical current) in the book to breathe life into the creature. Initially the listener will hear the electromagnetic activity of various power sources which symbolises the creature being slowly brought to life.

As the piece progresses the listener will encounter various footsteps, slow creaking, scraping and laboured breathing as the creature takes his first slow and laborious movements. My intention is to communicate the physicality and sheer overwhelming presence of the creature which is described in the book as being 8 feet tall and hideously ugly.

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