Switch Off and Scratched DVD were two sound pieces exhibited at Lightworks: a one day annual festival of New Media based art held at Grimsby Minster, Abbey Walk Gallery & Gate Gallery in 2012 and 2013.
Both pieces were thematically linked and explored and utilised a telephone pick-up coil to expose the interesting electromagnetic activity emitted from everyday consumer electronics.

Switch off documented the decline of electromagnetic activity inside a small analogue TV when switched off and unplugged. Sonically the result is a piece comprising of minimal clicks getting further apart as the pieces progresses.

Scratched DVD is a brief sonic documentation of a DVD player attempting and failing to read and play a scratched faulty disc. What is heard on this piece is a combination of the drive motor, tracking mechanism, laser and lens system.
A faulty DVD is very frustrating if you’re attempting to watch it but sonically however the result is a series intriguing glitches and noise we seldom hear.

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