A destructive sound based performance that consisted of drilling a hole directly through the top of a microphone whilst connected to a mixing desk and amplifier. Fundamentally the performance demonstrated my desire to push technology beyond its capability and usage while capturing its own creation and demise simultaneously.
It was performed in the auditorium of the Norwich Art Centre so in keeping with the site specific theme of the event I presented the piece as a poetry/spoken word/acoustic set and even gave a brief speech at the beginning outlining my intentions. Before the drilling commenced I spent an uncomfortably long amount of time adjusting the microphone stand giving the impression of impending failure.

Photo credits: John Boursnell and James Roper.

Listen In(ward)

This piece stems from my recent interest in the microcassette format and invited the audience to ring my home telephone number where they could listen to a short composition recorded and played back to them on an out-dated microcassette answering machine. The piece is created from the electromagnetic activity of the motors and circuitry as it records itself recording…technology reflecting in on itself I guess!

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