Michael Ridge – Unnoticed Audio from Other/Other/Other on Vimeo.

Unnoticed Audio was a three hour sound based site specific performance the concentrated on amplifying and performing with often quiet and unnoticed sounds within the Café and Rotunda area of the Norwich Castle Museum. It formed part of the Live East Festival organized and hosted by Other/Other/Other from13.06/09 – 19/07/09. Ten UK Eastern region artists each made something in and about a place they have an existing relationship with. My piece was split into six distinct parts, each one reflecting a typical day to day task at the café, these comprised of:

PART 1: 10:00-10:30: Clean glass
PART 2: 10:35-11:00: Rearrange Condiments Cupboard
PART 3: 11:05-11:30: Walking About With a Loaded Trolley
PART 4: 11:35-12:00: Cleaning tables
PART 5: 12:05-12:40: Sweeping Entire Floor
PART 6: 12:45-1:00: Improvise (Coffee Machine, Dishwasher and Fridge)

The entire piece was performed fairly discreetly to give the impression of being at work. Each part used a contact microphone either attached to my hand or an object. Within the allocated time my aim was to investigate and perform interesting sonic textures I encountered often to an unsuspecting member of the public.

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