Bow/Rub/Pluck was performed as part of Live Art Club at Norwich Art Centre, Norfolk and Norwich Festival, 15th May

Bow/Rub/Pluck was a sound based performance using the Springrack: an experimental electroacoustic percussion instrument loosely based on Eric Leonardson’s instrument the “Springboard”.
The Springrack itself is assembled from everyday items that include a metal cooling rack, coil springs, saw blades, head massager parts, plastic comb, metal brush, scrap wood and music box parts. A single piezo disk contact microphone is attached underneath the instrument. Two violin bows, glockenspiel mallets, vibrator, saw and plectrum were utilised during the performance and as the title suggests bowing, rubbing and plucking the springs were the main methods of play. Sound-wise it produced a fantastic array of interesting sounds especially bowing the larger springs as it created very peculiar inharmonic tones.

Photo credits: Terri Mitchell and Elizabeth Scrase

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