‘Listen’ exhibits the work of four artists’ exploration of sound. Comprised of sound and instructional-based artworks, the audience are invited to interact with the pieces by following the artists’ instructions. ‘Listen’ exhibits a variety of themes, ranging from spoken word and ambient sounds, to synaesthesia.

Two new/work in progress pieces were exhibited:

Keep on Rolling

A light-hearted and self-referential investigation into the relationship between the physical characteristics and acoustic properties of sounding objects and audio technology. Six table tennis balls roll freely on the surface of a prepared rotating 7” vinyl single (Keep On Rolling by Jean Mathew) and turntable. The balls gently collide into each other and the tonearm; creating an almost musical and meditative composition. Viewers were invited to change the speed between 33 ⅓, 45 or 78 RPM.


Site Recording #1 (Studio 20)

Viewers were instructed to record a brief snippet of whatever they like onto a compact cassette recorder mounted on the gallery wall. Over the course of the exhibition a site specific and largely chance based sound work fabricated by participants emerged.

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