Urban Garden Survey (for Audio Cassette) invited visitors to discover IKLECTIK’s wonderful garden from a close point of view: ten cassettes are hidden throughout the garden in spots that relate to the micro-sounds recorded.

“Audio cassettes are the focus of the research and work of artist Michael Ridge, trying to blend audio cassette culture from the 90s with fine art to create sound and sculpture based works that investigate time and space.

At Sound Yard, this research becomes site-responsive: micro sounds and sonic textures from the garden were recorded and assembled in a intentional lo-fi and raw composition. Cassettes filled with materials used for the recordings, are disseminated throughout the garden: the visitors are invited to look for them while listening to the recordings, experiencing the garden from a macro point of view, focusing on the particular rather than the overall”.

Cassette #1 – Dry Leaf
Cassette #2 – Wood Chippings
Cassette #3 – Dry Dead Plant
Cassette #4 – Lavender
Cassette #5 – Soil
Cassette #6 – Daisies
Cassette #7 – Feather
Cassette #8 – Twigs
Cassette #9 – Dry Moss
Cassette #10 – Stones, Pebbles and Shingle


Click on the photos below for a detailed look at each cassette piece:


Documenting the recording process and selected cassettes in situ:


The entire garden at IKLECTIK:

Whole Garden

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