Gallery Space Overview:


An informal one day pop-up solo exhibition of vinyl, cassette and sound works for the Norwich DIY Record Fair in St Laurence’s church, Norwich on November 14.

The exhibition space was certainly unique: a greenhouse complete with Astroturf! It was a fantastic day and I had the chance to meet and chat with plenty of visitors, local artists, bands and record labels.


Electromagnetic Field Box:


Electromagnetic Field Box is also being used extensively during my artist residency for Build Your Own at the Norwich Castle Museum (more information on it HERE). The piece was exhibited on what would have been the altar for the church. It’s worth mentioning the acoustics of the building; the tiny Marshall MS-4 Micro Stack sounded excellent in the space. I intentionally positioned the wooden box on the lower steps making visitors kneel to interact with the piece; mimicking the same actions when it was used as a place of worship.


Macramé Run-Out Grooves:


A new collaborative work with artist and friend Elizabeth Hindle. A 5” clear lathe cut (hand cut) mono record released in 2014 is encased inside a beautiful macramé cocoon crafted by Elizabeth.


The Ten Flexible Commandments of James Last:


The Ten Flexible Commandments of James Last are two playable flexi disc collages created from splicing together a bizarre religious disc on the Ten Commandments and James Last promo disc.


25 25 Loop:


A 50 second Noise tape loop featuring the entire contents of the 25 25 3” lathe cut (hand cut) mono record released on Quagga Curious Sounds earlier this year. More information on this unique record HERE.


Other Works:


Also exhibited was a selection of older and previously exhibited pieces, these comprised of: 100 Minute Knit, Knitting Loop, The Pleasure of Secrets, Ball and Chain / Squeaky Floorboards, Strawberry Lace C1 (Second Edition) and Sandpaper C1 (Second Edition).

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