Knit, Loop and Grate is a selection of new solo and collaborative cassette and record works exhibited at Abingdon Street Studio, Blackpool as part of Other Worlds: a festival of experimental music and sound art curated by Must Die Records.

30 Minute Knit and 100 Minute Knit is a collaboration with Lisa Little who knitted all the magnetic tape on a 30 and 100 minute cassette into a tactile swatch. Two contact microphones were attached to metal knitting needles whilst she knitted; the sound of the needles clinking together was recorded onto an endless loop cassette and played back to visitors in the exhibition.

As well as presenting new pieces a few older works were revisited, specifically Sandpaper C1 and Strawberry Lace C1 which were remade as second editions.

Faked Latex Orgasm Loop is a two second tape loop containing a recording of a female porn actor faking an orgasm. The loop is encased inside a compact audio cassette shell crafted from latex, sweat and semen.

One Second / One Heartbeat is another nearly impossible to play tape loop which as the title hints is a one second tape loop containing a recording of my heartbeat is encased inside a transparent cassette case. This was released by Douglas Lucas of NONE Records in an edition of 20 copies.

Hole Punch Music and Cheese Grater Music were two instruction based participatory pieces inspired by Fluxus works. The simple instructions requested visitors to either hole punch three flexi discs or grate one of the three yellow 7” vinyl records mounted on the wall for as long as they liked.

Blackpool Gazette, April 8, 2015

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