Strawberry Lace C1 - Detail
Strawberry Lace C1
Strawberry Lace C1
Strawberry Lace C1
Compact audio cassette shell and strawberry lace sweets
6.3cm x 10.1cm (2.5in x 4in)

The original magnetic tape from a standard compact audio cassette was removed and replaced with exactly 288cm of strawberry lace sweets which like the original magnetic tape is loaded onto the supply and take-up reel within the cassette. The length of strawberry lace has been calculated to have exactly a ‘playing time’ of one minute. All components within the cassette are fully functional including both guide rollers and pressure pad, technically its ‘playable’ though it would likely damage itself and any equipment if used!
This object could be viewed as an absurd and nostalgic reinterpretation of this obsolete music format. The strawberry lace signifies a predetermined amount of time, with the viewer left to envisage what sound it potentially could create if played.

Strawberry Lace C1 was exhibited as part of Soup Lab: Open Source, Norwich, 18th – 26th January.

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