2 Minutes of Pink Noise
Pink ribbon, compact audio cassette shell and components
6.3cm x 10.1cm x 0.8cm (2.5in x 4in x 0.3in)

“Humor and art have been infrequent partners at best. With both a philosophical interest in the nature of humor and its relationship to aesthetics, this exhibition invites artworks that may utilise a conceptual approach and are actually funny, occupying this middle ground between art and humor in ways that might be thought-provoking, absurd, or even just silly” -exhibition theme description

The original magnetic tape from a standard compact audio cassette was removed and replaced with exactly 576cm of pink ribbon which like the original magnetic tape is loaded onto the supply and take-up reel inside the cassette. The length of pink ribbon has been calculated to have a ‘playing time’ of exactly two minutes. All components within the cassette are fully functional including both guide rollers and pressure pad but completely useless for recording and playback. 2 Minutes of Pink Noise perhaps serves instead as humorous representation a predetermined length of time. The title is also an obvious play on words referring to pink noise as a signal that contains all of the sound frequencies that fall within the range of a human’s hearing. It was inspired by objects such as Man Ray’s Cadeau and Marcel Duchamp’s With Hidden Noise.

Exhibited as part of a group exhibition Humor; Analog Humor at the Tipton Gallery, Johnson City, United States from the 1st – 19th October.

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