About A Good Clean Run:

Starts 12noon Saturday 21st May (with signs monitoring air quality installed along the route from 6th May)

Running and walking in urban areas isn’t necessarily good for our health. Other/other/other are going to monitor the air quality along a city centre route for the duration of the NNF. On the last day they will either run or walk each section of the route, depending on how bad the air is. You may join in if you wish: you will be advised on the appropriate speed as the run unfolds…

We wish to investigate the deterioration of respiratory and pulmonary health caused by poor air quality in urban areas. Norwich is a case in point, with heavy flows of traffic directed through pedestrian areas, and a fast inner ring road too close to the city centre. Some of our members are runners, and have noticed the impact of these conditions on their health.

After discussions at UEA, we were inspired by the following method of demonstrating air quality to school children: it emerged that soot particles can be collected over a short period of time on boards coated with Vaseline, becoming visible to the naked eye. To play with that idea, we will use this monitoring method to dictate the route of a Norwich city-centre run. Suspended signs will be placed along all major routes two weeks in advance of the run bearing the printed word WALK. Vaseline will be smeared over the word, and written below in the form of the word RUN!. After the two weeks, the most polluted routes will be bearing the newly-emerged symbols, and read:


The day of the run will involve our members following these signs, changing their speed accordingly: either walking in the low-pollution areas, or running quickly through the routes in which RUN has emerged. Speed and route will be entirely dictated by these signs, giving the performance a sense of absurdity and struggle. Our collective will lead the event, but we are encouraging public participation.

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