National Platform Review by Eleanor Hadley Kershaw1

‘A live art performance in the guise of a classical concert, and an absurd exploration of sound, space and material. Three performers present a mixture of highly choreographed and improvised scenarios, led by a musical score which is designed to explore five aspects of the musical potential of modelling balloons. ‘A lighthearted triumph that had me giggling from subdued start to cathartic finish.’

Me, Dot Howard and Holly Rumble performed ‘Longwinded in Five Parts’ at the SPILL Festival National Platform (National Theatre Studios) on 18th April 2009 and again for FIRSTS 09 at the Linbury Studio Theatre (Royal Opera House) London on the 20th November 2009

The piece was developed as a result of an experiment during the “Weekend of Art That’s Difficult to Describe” in August 2008.

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