Work in progress


Several layered field recordings of bluebottles flying indoors and outside were captured onto this seven second tape loop/art object. Afterwards seven dead flies near both recording sites were picked up, then carefully mounted inside the cassette shell.

Edition of one copy.

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A recent experiment of cutting up, deconstructing and reassembling 7″ flexi discs (much like AMK) to create bizarre hybrid records that can be wildly unpredictable to play.





This brief video depicts a sea bass vertebral column playing excerpts from the 7″ vinyl single When I’m Dead And Gone by McGuinness Flint. As always a very simple set-up was utilised: a contact microphone (not seen on this video) provides amplification which is hooked up to a Marshall MS-4 Micro Stack. Essentially a development of Seagull Skull Pickup from June this year, the vertebral column was chosen since the tiny sharp bones are ideal for playback!

Buried Record


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Whilst taking a walk near our house I spotted this half buried LP on a patch of scrubland/worksite – I just had to have it! Sadly the area was secured and alarmed, I visited the area the next day and a workman very kindly let me dig it up (much to his confusion!) and take it away.

I estimate the LP has been buried for at least 10+ years, judging by how the centre label has completely disintegrated and deep scratches/scuffs present on the playing surface. The LP was very tentatively played revealing short distorted segments of possibly Opera or Choral Music. This unique find reminds Justin Wiggan’s Deadsongs and the Anti-Records of Douglas Lucas/NONE Records.