Tape Music

Misc Loops #3 recycled s/sided CS is out not on Quagga Curious Sounds, limited to just 15 hand-numbered copies!

The third tape in the Misc Loops series, this one comprises of a 20 minute composition of meditative tape loop exploration; weaving together lo-fi ambient music, background noise and subtle bird song recordings.

Recycled black audio book cassette features a colour label mounted onto the shell. Colour artwork is printed onto white paper and packaged in either clear or grey tape shells.

£4.20 (UK)
£6.45 (Europe)
£7.20 (Worldwide)
PayPal/contact: mike-ridge[AT]


Misc Loops #2 is composed from several tape loops of thunderstorm rumbles and ambient music discreetly recorded during a visit to Aqua Sana Spa at Center Parcs in Thetford.
The rumbles of thunder were captured onto a portable cassette recorder during an electrical storm earlier in August, segments were carefully looped afterwards and played back/manipulated together whilst recording. The loop of ambient music is subtly shoehorned in, providing a pleasing and tranquil contrast to the relentless thunder. I’d recommend playing this tape at low volume on a drizzly late afternoon….

Dubbed onto recycled audio book tapes, side B includes the original content for your own listening gratification. Art work is printed in blue ink onto yellow paper, each copy comes with an additional paper insert and colour label. Edition of 11 hand-numbered copies.



Several layered field recordings of bluebottles flying indoors and outside were captured onto this seven second tape loop/art object. Afterwards seven dead flies near both recording sites were picked up, then carefully mounted inside the cassette shell.

Edition of one copy.



Nightingale Sandpaper Loops comprises of two 15 minute experimental tape loop compositions. Each track is built around a four second tape loop of birdsong and ambient music, this was played inside a tape shell lined with coarse sandpaper – the purpose being to intentionally damage the magnetic tape as it plays. The result is a fragile and lo-fi work where the loop slowly degrades and stretches as the composition progresses.

It is released on the Russian label Nazlo Records as a 5” reel-to-reel tape; also featuring beautifully handcrafted packaging and a unique page from a Soviet colouring book.

You can listen to an excerpt from both tracks below:



Several weeks ago, I was exceptionally fortunate to acquire a working vintage ST 471 Stellaphone Portable reel-to-reel tape recorder complete with microphone and two reels! It discovered in a box of junk being given away for free (even better!) near where I live. The ST 471 was first cleaned up, then utilised in several works such as Sound Art is D.E.A.D. and Ambient Mono Bird Loop.

I finally found the time to play tape it was loaded with (which was quite tatty and stretched), sadly it was predominately blank; however, the last minute yielded this intriguing and somewhat eerie recording. Apart from some very minimal editing this is the recording I discovered in all its glory. From about 11 to 45 seconds it reminds me of a motorcycle revving up or lion roaring, the rest could be a murky synth work…?! If you have any thoughts, please do get in touch!

Sun Bleached Haze
‘Sun Bleached Haze’ is a s/sided C76 released on my own Quagga Curious Sounds.
“30 minutes of ultra lo fi microcassette field recordings, idle chatter, David Toop on Merzbow and train announcements from 2006-2014 on a recycled “The Tenderness of Wolves” audiobook tape!”

This tape also features three exlusive new collages and can be purchased directly from me:

ZM Poor Little Music
‘Cardboard Dove Pizza’ released on the Canadian label Poor Little Music features a live recording from Dove Street Studios Open Weekend 2015 in Norwich and various pizza box turntable / altered vinyl experiments!

Please support the label by purchasing a copy:

Finally a collaboration with Dona Ferentes on the Italian label Lonktaar:
“Interesting connection between two unholy morons…Zebra Mu recorded some mess around using metal junk, feedbacks and obscure home-made sound sources, and later Dona Ferentes reprocessed and worked on some of these recordings… a spectral piano salutes you after a bath of ear-crackling vibes, which slowly descends into a never-ending tunnel of pure madness”.

Please support the label by purchasing a copy: