Flux Cass Collab’ is a collaboration with Kommissar Hjuler and Mama Baer (Kommissar Hjuler Und Frau) released as a CDr on their label Der Schöne Hjuler-Memorial-Fond.

The husband and wife duo sent me a track; I reworked this live in my studio through a modified/broken cassette player, circuit bent echo pedal and delay pedal. The result is a warbled, spluttering and occasionally noisy composition!



Knapped is the latest Norfolk Trotter album, self-released on CDr and limited to just five hand-numbered copies. Comprising of a single 36-minute wall inspired by the myriad of beautiful medieval buildings found in my home city of Norwich, particularly the flint knapped walls of the Guildhall located on Gaol Hill.

The CDr is packaged in a black slimline DVD case and features a colour label, an additional colour insert printed onto yellow paper is also included. The front cover is a detailed photograph of the Western wall of the Guildhall:


Degrade is the third release under the Norfolk Trotter name; it is the result of investigating low-bit walls and shoehorning them onto 3.5” floppy disks.

Clocking in at 11 and a half minutes, the drastic compression of the original recording creates an intriguing set of new textures that, in my opinion enhances the wall overall.

Each copy is packaged in a clear zip-lock bag and features folded colour artwork printed on white paper. A handmade colour label is mounted onto each disk.

This floppy is self-released in an edition of 10 hand-numbered copies.


Track Sample>>>>>>

Cover Scan


Out now on Quagga Curious Sounds is Spear / Streak: five exclusive new tracks of lively pedal focused Harsh Noise. Broken electronics and contact microphone worship, shunning computers for straight to cassette recording hell. Reliving the early 90’s.
Intentionally rough b/w artwork is printed onto yellow paper and packaged in a half-size clear DVD case. Each copy includes a rubber-stamped and stickered CDr with a defaced 1970’s wedding photo and Sunday school plan or personal letter from the 1940’s.

This can be purchased directly from me, prices which include postage prices are:



Sun Bleached Haze
‘Sun Bleached Haze’ is a s/sided C76 released on my own Quagga Curious Sounds.
“30 minutes of ultra lo fi microcassette field recordings, idle chatter, David Toop on Merzbow and train announcements from 2006-2014 on a recycled “The Tenderness of Wolves” audiobook tape!”

This tape also features three exlusive new collages and can be purchased directly from me:

ZM Poor Little Music
‘Cardboard Dove Pizza’ released on the Canadian label Poor Little Music features a live recording from Dove Street Studios Open Weekend 2015 in Norwich and various pizza box turntable / altered vinyl experiments!

Please support the label by purchasing a copy:

Finally a collaboration with Dona Ferentes on the Italian label Lonktaar:
“Interesting connection between two unholy morons…Zebra Mu recorded some mess around using metal junk, feedbacks and obscure home-made sound sources, and later Dona Ferentes reprocessed and worked on some of these recordings… a spectral piano salutes you after a bath of ear-crackling vibes, which slowly descends into a never-ending tunnel of pure madness”.

Please support the label by purchasing a copy:

Very excited to announce the release of Zebra Mu / Prairie-Litière “Split” C40 which is out now on the highly recommended French DIY record label Autistic Campaign!

“Split tape with one side for each project. Behind ZEBRA MU is UK multimedia artist Michael Ridge, who also appears to run the highly recommended DIY record label Quagga Curious Sounds. Under that moniker, the man records lo-fi noise/experimental sounds of various dynamics. Material on this tape here focus on a tense harsh noise glitch racket ! Two tracks of a loud flux of warring frequencies.
The other side of the cassette sees french duet PRAIRIE-LITIÈRE offering a track driven by an almost restrained/minimal feel, in which distant hi-pitch feedback loops and a calm junk-metal beat make it just more sudden when screeching noise explosions occur.
Cassette for this one is white shell that has been hand-rubbed with colour paint, mainly yellow shading. Comes with a j-card artwork and an additional colour print on tracing paper, placed before front cover and indicating the names of each part of that release. Plus a one-fold black&white insert with art and all infos”.