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Old Shales is just under six minutes of pummelling lo-fi Harsh Wall Noise crammed onto black recycled floppy disks. Released in an edition of five copies on Floppy Kick’s excellent Eco Series!

For further information and to purchase a copy from the label, please visit:


Misc Loops is a new and exclusive C10 comprising of two sound works composed from compact cassette tape loops of ambient music and field recordings.
Side A is built around several damaged tape loops of ambient/electronic music, whilst side B features two loops of manipulated bird song captured on a portable cassette recorder.

Art work is printed in green ink onto bright pink paper, each black cassette shell has a custom blue label mounted onto each side. Limited to only eight hand-numbered copies!


Monumental is the first microcassette release I’ve directly worked on and released via Quagga Curious Sounds! It features two slabs of brutal lo-fi mono harsh noise wall, with the option of being played at either 2.4 cm/s (60 minutes total running time) or double the duration by playing at 1.2 cm/s.

Folded artwork is printed in red ink onto black paper, an additional insert is printed in black ink onto red card. Each labelled microcassette is tied up with black ribbon and packaged in a black and silver zip lock bag.

It was released in an edition of six copies and sold out almost immediately upon release! If you missed it check out this brief demo video>>>>


Degrade is the third release under the Norfolk Trotter name; it is the result of investigating low-bit walls and shoehorning them onto 3.5” floppy disks.

Clocking in at 11 and a half minutes, the drastic compression of the original recording creates an intriguing set of new textures that, in my opinion enhances the wall overall.

Each copy is packaged in a clear zip-lock bag and features folded colour artwork printed on white paper. A handmade colour label is mounted onto each disk.

This floppy is self-released in an edition of 10 hand-numbered copies.


Track Sample>>>>>>

Scan of all Four Floppy Disks

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“Talk Book” is the result of experimentation with my trusty Sanyo Talk Book Microcassette Recorder and contact microphone. Comprising of two distinctly lo-fi field recordings both of which clock in at under a minute in length. Track one is the rattle and banging from a large metal gate near our house, the second is several layered recordings of overworked fridge motors.  Included on the disk is a text file and digital photograph from the recording session at the metal gate.

Near to where track one was documented a wanted poster was discovered for two known shoplifters from the Norwich area; the grainy poster was cut up and utilised as labels for the disks. To reflect the lo-fi compressed quality of the recordings a crude black and white collage was created and printed onto lurid pink card.

Strictly limited to four copies!


Recording at the Metal Gates




5,25" Floppy 1

5.25" floppy 2

Macho Garbled Manoeuvres is out NOW on the brilliant Canadian label Poor Little Music, released on rather awesome IBM PC/AT compatible 5.25″ floppy disks.

Over the past few years I’ve stacked up a sizeable number of 3.5″ floppy singles; the 5.25″ floppy is an absolute first for me! What makes this more special is the digital artwork (very kindly created by Robbie Michalchuk of PLM) is printed by a 9 pin dot matrix printer for even more retro computing fun!

The release itself features a brand new Zebra Mu track of frantic lo-fi noise, random samples and general weirdness…NICE!

It’s limited to 10 copies so catch one before they go:

Final BYO Poster
I’m very excited to announce I’ll be an artist-in-residence for Build Your Own: Tools for Sharing which will be exhibited at the Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery from 3 October 2015 – 3 January 2016.

I’ll be based in the Maker’s Space between 11am – 3pm on the following dates:

5 October
19 October
2 November
16 November – with Elizabeth Hindle
23 November
14 December

Drawing inspiration from the acoustics of the gallery space and museum collections my intention is creating a series of sound-based site specific and responsive works. Many of the pieces will utilise cassette loops, bespoke hand-cut records, cardboard turntables, graphic scores, handmade microphones and simple noise making devices. There will be an interactive element to many of the works so visitors and staff can experiment and try things out for themselves.

Do drop by and say hello!

For more information visit:

I’ll be documenting the residency as I go; so please visit the following pages for more information!:

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