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Dream House 2017 comprises of 22 wonderful miniature rooms specially created by Norfolk-based architects, artists, makers, students and school groups. These form part of the temporary exhibition Small Stories: At Home in a Dolls’ House currently on display at the Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery until 25 June 2017.

The Balcony of the Best Exotic Geranium Hotel is a collaboration between myself and artist Karl Foster, my contribution being sound-based and Karl the objects and surfaces inside the room. We created the room under the direction of Mark Smith, Leisure and Education Coordinator for The Norfolk and Norwich Association for the Blind (The NNAB). As Mark is blind, his Dream Room encourages visitors to engage through sound, touch and smell. A myriad of pleasing textures and objects are await those that navigate his room.
An audio description was carefully composed with Mark to provide navigation and an insightful account of his room; furthermore additional field recordings were subtly included to further enhance the viewer’s experience.

Come and experience the room for yourself!

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The short video piece Turntable Cactus Needles will be included in Streetlight – an ongoing video and digital media projection series curated by Roman Susan art space (Chicago, USA). Videos are digitally projected onto the gallery walls at times when the art space is not open to the general public.

Videos will be projected every evening after dark between 15/12/16 – 30/12/16, for further information please visit:


You can also check out the original video on my Vimeo channel HERE

Prototype Sound Yard Tape


Sound Yard Poster #2

Just a quick reminder Urban Garden Survey (for Audio Cassette) will form part of the group sound-based exhibition Sound Yard hosted by Iklectik Art Lab in London! The work will be a series of brief site-specific field recordings captured in the Iklectik Art Lab garden; these will be recorded onto custom-made three-minute audio cassettes. I’ll predominately be utilising contact microphones to amplify the texture and crunch of leaves, twigs grass and any other natural materials encountered during my time at the garden. Along with the audio each cassette will encase small samples of the vegetation etc. used during the recording process.

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Tortilla Chip

Three recent video works Every Rose Bush Has Its Thorn(s), Ice Cream (Cone) and The Lightly Salted Tortilla Chip I Heard In Tijuana Volume 3 are currently featured (from July – August) on An Evolving Thesis.

“An Evolving Thesis is an exhibition residency program dedicated to showcasing cutting-edge new media art and born-digital content. The artist-run initiative seeks to create a dialogue between the conventional and the experimental, art and technology, and the creation and experience of art, in an environment that is responsive to the issues of digital art, while being accessible to anyone with an Internet connection”.

To watch the videos please click on the link below: