Compilation Appearence

An exclusive Zebra Mu track is included on Fabrication 3​​.​​​0, a free to download compilation released on the excellent Attenuation Circuit label:




Human Voice Microcassette Collage is included on the fourth of Linear Obsessional’s annual “Open Access” compilations of tracks exactly two minutes long. The theme of Utterances is the human voice; my contribution is a lo-fi medley of lift and tannoy announcements, walkie talkie chatter at work, voicemail, museum audio guides and samples from a Lotus Buddhist Music Machine.

Featuring a staggering 112 tracks (3 hours and 44 minutes!) and a 53-page booklet of notes and images by the artists… best of all its free to download!



1 minute autohypnosis sex war noise faith white truth light europe death seed red net Jung dollar neo time love-in city twenty new Cage zen self LSD dose Tesla sea place breaking-up father x-ray

Cassette Player in a Dishwasher for One Minute
is featured on the 32nd CD of Mute Sound’s long running 1 Minute Autohypnosis Project compilation/mail art series.
The title of my contribution is very self explanatory; listeners have the opportunity to hear a cassette player recording its own watery demise in a satisfyingly noisy way! This was recorded around 2009 when I was working as a Catering Assistant and had access to a large commercial dishwasher. There’s plenty of other great works to check out on this compilation, which is free to download directly from Mute Sound HERE


A new exclusive untitled Zebra Mu track features on the Chew Me Chew compilation, released on the ever awesome Hissing Frames. Other artist on this include: Justin Marc Lloyd, Richard Ramirez, Luose, Kapali Carsi, Stuart Chalmers, Posset, David K. Frampton, Robert Ridley-Shackleton, Yol, Blue Spectrum and Faniel Dord. Bursting with incredible sounds and talent; this ranks as a favourite compilation release!

Please support Hissing Frames by purchasing a copy here:

I’m pleased to announce the release of ‘Heavy Kisses’ a compilation CDr released on the superb Hissing Frames. Featured are The Blue Spectrum, David K Frampton , Robert Ridley-Shackleton and myself (as Zebra Mu). Noisy, weird and interesting material throughout – each artist on top form in my opinion!

Excerpt from my track ‘Warning Siren / Minimal Intervention’:

You can pick up a copy from the label here:

2012 on the whole has been a fantastic year of creating and exhibiting new work as well as releasing, recording and performing under Zebra Mu. Plenty of great stuff coming up in 2013!
Here is the last batch of Zebra Mu releases for 2012:

Zebra Mu / Animal Machine: Our Present Is Your Future CS (Kifrecording Kifrec-101) edition of 10
I recorded a spontaneous noise piece for this split created with a few FX pedals and contact microphone attached to a fridge motor and plastic bag: the result is quite a dynamic and textured recording.

Bronze Pigeon
Zebra Mu / Blue Spectrum: Bronze Pigeon C30 (Blue Spectrum Tapes) edition of 17
A new collaboration with UK artist Blue Spectrum: we both recorded a 30 minute live track without listening to what we were recording. Furthermore our only sound source was the circuit and tape mechanism of a cassette player with no distortion pedals etc. Setting down these rules made the recording process an interesting yet challenging experience. Blue Spectrum mixed both our pieces together for the final track.

Zebra Mu / Clive Henry: Split CDr (Not on Label: Clive Henry Self-released) edition of 50
Very honoured to have a split with UK legend Clive Henry! I focused on creating a less ‘harsh’ but more subtle and ‘drone’ based sound using predominately two vibrators, a music box and Buddha machine in conjunction with the springboard.

Available directly to buy or trade:
£4.00 (UK)
£5.00 (Europe)
£6.00 (Worldwide)
Paypal: mike-ridge[AT]

ZM_Pluck Scrap Vibrate Front
Zebra Mu: Pluck Scrape Vibrate C12 (Parkbench Records RAR223) edition of 30
Twelve glorious minutes of no nonsense stripped back ruthless experimental junk harsh noise.

‘LK Micro Mix’ appears on: Love Katy (Remixed) Vagary Records (Vagary: 018)
“I invited some friends and fellow artists in the HNW scene to remix some of my earlier Love Katy material. The results were varied, and each artist added their own unique take on HNW to their mix. A big THANK YOU to all those involved, and I hope you enjoy the tracks!” -label description

A great write-up of the recent Zebra Mu performance at The Grosvenor was covered by Drowned in Sound (disappointingly Tristan Burfield is absent from the review):

New Zebra Mu:

Zebra Mu: Fan 3″CDr (Petite Soles PS19) edition of 25
Harsh noise EP sourced primarily from a handheld fan. Hashcrimes Distrubutions is selling this release on behalf of Petite Soles:

Zebra Mu / Kapali Carsi: Split CDr (Blue Spectrum Tapes) edition of 25
A great split release with the Canadian project Kapali Carsi who creates minimal sound-art documents from his voice, guitar and bass vibration. My part of the split is a single 27 minute track of improvised noise/sound-art experiments using a contact microphone, crisp packet, microcassette recorder and telephone pick-up coil. EDIT: Sold out.

‘Momentary Plastic Bag Piece’ is featured on the outstanding compilation ‘Rhinocerotidae’
Released to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Parkbench Records (congratulations!) Download it here: