‘Years of Extinction 2009 – 2012’ Reviewed in Vital Weekly


“Listening to this album by Zebra Mu, the musical project of Michael Ridge, made me realize that I may not have heard as much of his music; This seventeen-track release is a compilation of releases from the years mentioned in the title and are all released before; on cassettes, CDRs (3″ and business card included) and even floppy disks. I checked his website and apparently his video of a 5 pound note playing the 7″ of Abba’s ‘Money Money Money’ went viral, but there is more to be seen and it might be a glimpse into his sound world. He likes to construct stuff involving contact microphones and he likes using acoustic objects, along with a furious amount of feedback, distortion and sonic overload….”

You can read the full review by Frans de Ward at Vital Weekly (number 1056, week 45) here:


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