Norwich Zine Fair vol 4 – finds, thoughts and reviews

Check out this insightful review of Norwich Zine Fair Vol. 4 by composer and podcaster Jacob Solstice, it includes his thoughts on the Spear/Streak CDr and Junk Seance I released for Stuart Chalmers and Yol earlier this year.

Jacob Solstice

Note, I wrote this a while back – it refers to the Zine Fair held at Norwich Arts Centre in August 2016

This last week a lot of inspiration has been coming my way thanks to a visit to Norwich Zine Fair. Held in Norwich Arts Centre it’s a fantastic opportunity to connect with artists and their work, full of DIY vibes & enough exciting zines/books/music to drain my bank account in an hour (my wife had to stop me in the end).

Really good to see Michael Ridge there. I’ve been a fan of his since seeing a pop-up exhibition at St Lawrences church last year. Michael does really interesting art that playfully deconstructs and simultaneously reinvents formats. For example, getting people to reveal their deepest secrets and taping them, then placing a padlock through the cassette to prevent it being played. Or replacing the tape with sandpaper, liquorice etc (read…

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