Ambient Mono Bird Loop


An exclusive new anti-record/tape art piece limited to just ten copies!

Ambient Mono Bird Loop is a four second tape loop of early morning bird song recorded in North Norfolk using a vintage Stellaphone Portable reel-to-reel tape recorder. The Loop itself is just over four seconds, which can also be played back on the Stellaphone (or possibly similar models too). The quality of recording is marvellous (in a pleasingly lo-fi way) considering the age and condition of the tape recorder. As I’ve had limited experience using reel-to-reel tape until now, this project also serves as a much needed opportunity to investigate this format further!

Each loop is protected in a plastic corked vial, which also includes is a tiny fragment of a bird feather and information printed onto yellow paper. It can be purchased directly from me:


Check out this video of the loop in action>>>>


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