New Five Pound Note Playing a 7″ Vinyl Single: Update

Now clocking in at over half a million views and thousands of shares on social media my video has gone well and truly viral! The response and opportunities from it have been astonishing; this includes being featured on BBC Radio Norfolk, ITV Anglia News and numerous online sites documenting my discovery.

The mechanics behind it is simplicity itself: basically any sharp object has the capability to become a crude record stylus and speaker – the classic being a needle and paper cone. As the new polymer note had just entered circulation and social media was already sharing countless articles of people shrinking, pounding, burning and ripping them I think this partly counted for it’s popularity.

By far the most intriguing aspect has been the myriad of videos appearing online of people trying it out for themselves – in essence my video was the catalyst for a brief online micro trend. As an artist this is immensely rewarding: knowing that I’ve altered people’s perception of the polymer note, it’s not only currency but now something with potential sound-making properties.

The photo below was taken during my live demonstration on BBC Radio Norfolk:


The following links are a small selection of articles and write-ups:

Eastern Daily Press
ITV News
Pulse Radio

Below is a short feature on the video from an American newscast based in Washington, DC:

FINALLY: Here is a video from the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia (NFSA) trying it out on their plastic notes. Considering they’ve had them since 1988 I’m surprised no one thought of it sooner!




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