‘Talk Book’ 3.5″ Recycled Floppy Disk

Scan of all Four Floppy Disks

Click to enlarge:

“Talk Book” is the result of experimentation with my trusty Sanyo Talk Book Microcassette Recorder and contact microphone. Comprising of two distinctly lo-fi field recordings both of which clock in at under a minute in length. Track one is the rattle and banging from a large metal gate near our house, the second is several layered recordings of overworked fridge motors.  Included on the disk is a text file and digital photograph from the recording session at the metal gate.

Near to where track one was documented a wanted poster was discovered for two known shoplifters from the Norwich area; the grainy poster was cut up and utilised as labels for the disks. To reflect the lo-fi compressed quality of the recordings a crude black and white collage was created and printed onto lurid pink card.

Strictly limited to four copies!


Recording at the Metal Gates





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