Bocksbeutel Mail Art Exhibition

Plakatidee IIIIa

Two mail art pieces I sent to the Bocksbeutel Mail Art Call last year will be exhibited in Hammelburg at Viehmarktplatz in the building of Schreinerei Heinickel (a former carpenter’s workshop in Germany). This curious group exhibition features over 800 artists each responding to the shape of the Bocksbeutel – a typical franconian wine bottle of the region. If you happen to be in the area the exhibition (which is free!) opens from the 4th June until 17th July, further information can be found here:

The pieces in question are two card-backed flexi-discs shaped as the bottle, both are featured on the ‘Anti-Releases’ page and the Mail Art Bocksbeutel website….

Bocksbeutel Flexi

In addition to the exhibition these lovely artist stamps created by Roland Halbritter (organiser/curator) documenting each work were also made:




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