Zebra Mu ‘Trick Reflection’ 2″ Lathe Cut Record Out Now!

Art work scan

Trick Reflection

Trick Reflection

I’m thrilled to present Trick Reflection on Quagga Curious Sounds. This custom made 2” lathe cut record contains two new Zebra Mu tracks of woozy experimental noise sourced from a circuit bent keyboard and tricked out echo pedal.
Each black lathe cut record comes in a zip lock bag with b/w fold-out artwork printed onto yellow paper. Every copy is packaged in a blue velvet drawstring bag with a random advert cut-out from a 1940’s newspaper.

**PLEASE BE AWARE** this is a handmade and highly experimental/lo-fi record that will likely only play on older turntables, odd models and those that play to the spindle .

This can be purchased directly from me, prices which include postage prices are:



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