Zebra Mu ‘Seero Zongg Flexi! (I ❤ The Gerogerigegege)’ 7″ Flexi-Disc Anti-Record & CDr

Seero Zongg Flexi!

Seero Zongg Flexi! Scan

Seero Zongg Flexi! Detail

Out now on Quagga Curious Sounds is a blank transparent flexi-disc anti-record inspired by and dedicated to The Gerogerigegege and particularly the obscure ‘Zero Song Flexi’ release! Seero Zongg Flexi! has a unique black and white photocopied centre label that is packaged in a rubber-stamped white paper sleeve. Either an orange or red card insert with b/w art work is included with each disc.

The flexi-disc can be played three ways:

• Without grooves.
• Using the sandpaper and pin provided to scratch your own grooves.
• Burning the disc.

A rubber-stamped CDr featuring 19 recordings of myself playing and eventually burning the flexi-disc is included with every copy. A b/w insert printed onto blue paper accompanies the CDr.




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