Listening in Style with Michael Ridge

A fun review of three recent video works from the geniuses of absurdity Yeah I Know it Sucks

Yeah I Know It Sucks


Fanatic mutli artist and sound enthusiast Michael Ridge (aka Zebra Mu) is a busy bee,
releasing anti-releases, inventing new inventions, experimenting with experiments and doing things so secret, even Michael Ridge doesn’t know that he is doing it. One of the latest things that this artist had been vocal about is exploring a new way to listen to play and listen to vinyl records.

It gathered my attention straight away when it passes along the highway of online words, and honestly if you had been on the same digital highway you probably would have pulled over too in able to see what the innovative inventor had been doing. It seems that Michael Ridge has been listening to music in style of the music.

To be clear what this means in the creative world of Michael Ridge, he left us a video clip in which he plays a 7” single of…

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