Zebra Mu ‘Encrusted Horse Sockets’ C20 Out Now!


I’m thrilled to present Encrusted Horse Sockets – the first Zebra Mu release for 2016 on Coherent States – a new record label based in Greece! The tape features exclusive new Zebra Mu material, which in my opinion is louder and more abrasive than other recent recordings. The edition comprises of 30 hand-numbered yellow cassette tapes featuring full colour labels and 4pp j-card covers on 150gsm paper. In my opinion the label has done a brilliant job! A great write-up has been put together too:

“The idea of Coherent States existed long before its implementation. But even since the first dim plans, one thing was certain: we would ask Michael Ridge to record something for us. If we had to add a description for his entry in the music encyclopedia, it would be something along the lines of multimedia microcassette exhibitioner and experimental sound artist. This is because Michael Ridge, either under his name or as Zebra Mu, has created a small artistic universe full of dozens of micro releases, with the difficulty of reproducing the medium occasionally having a central role in his conceptual reasoning. His work doesn’t get vinyl release, and there is no concept of a full-length album here. Everything is done in small scale. The primary axis is noise music, which drifts into more experimental fields with cut-up logic both in composition and in artwork / format.
In our own mind, he rests on the concepts of GX Jupitter-Larsen and his interests span from zine and collage art, dozens of items he manufactures and exhibits in various art spaces, to the fantastic Quagga Curious Sounds label that he operates since 2008, with more than 80 releases of like-minded artists (like Crank Sturgeon, Smegma, Extreme Noise Terror, Astro, Guilty Connector and more). Michael agreed to record something for us. We listened to Encrusted Horse Sockets with enthusiasm when it was sent to us as new material and within its 20 minutes it manages to merge the familiar abstract lo-fi collages with some of the most aggressive music of his we have ever listened”.

Please support this fantastic new label by purchasing a copy HERE (I urge you to also check out the releases from Ashtray Navigations, Tanner Garza and Andrew Coltrane).


In addition to the tape a limited 3″ CDR including exclusive tracks by Tanner Garza, Andrew Coltrane, and myself is only available for free to those who purchase all the tape releases (CS1, CS2 and CS3) in one go!!


More information on this gem HERE


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