‘Ball and Chain / Squeaky Floorboards’ Artist Residency Lathe Cut Record

Multi-Holed Lathe

Ball and Chain / Squeaky Floorboards is a bespoke 8” x 8” transparent multi-holed lathe cut (hand cut) record created exclusively for my Build Your Own artist residency. This unique record-object features several centre holes and two one minute audio tracks intersecting over each other. Each track is a distinct and contrasting sonic element I discovered inside the museum; sounds that perhaps are overlooked or ignored. Track one is the ominous sound of a heavy ball and chain being dragged across the cobbled stone floor of the lower dungeons; track two is a squeaking floorboard located on the balcony level of the Castle Keep. The intersecting tracks abstractly represent the interlocking metal chains located in the Dungeons of the Castle Museum (an area I made extensive use of during my residency).

It was exhibited on several residency days; along with its cassette counterparts they’ve been very popular with visitors! Only five copies of were made, each one including an abundance of handcrafted artwork and packaging. Every copy included: a unique collage assembled from 1940’s newspapers and museum publications/journals, vintage silk thread, vintage museum admission tickets, two b/w printouts, 6×4” photograph from the residency and rubber-stamped paper bag!

As the final day of the residency is creeping up this lathe cut seems a fitting way to mark the end of an incredibly rewarding and challenging project.

Please note: all copies have been purchased.

Below are all five collages assembled for each copy of the lathe, click on a thumbnail to enlarge:


Here is a close-up of the lathe itself:

Lathe cut close-up


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