Three New Zebra Mu Cassettes Out Now!

Sun Bleached Haze
‘Sun Bleached Haze’ is a s/sided C76 released on my own Quagga Curious Sounds.
“30 minutes of ultra lo fi microcassette field recordings, idle chatter, David Toop on Merzbow and train announcements from 2006-2014 on a recycled “The Tenderness of Wolves” audiobook tape!”

This tape also features three exlusive new collages and can be purchased directly from me:

ZM Poor Little Music
‘Cardboard Dove Pizza’ released on the Canadian label Poor Little Music features a live recording from Dove Street Studios Open Weekend 2015 in Norwich and various pizza box turntable / altered vinyl experiments!

Please support the label by purchasing a copy:

Finally a collaboration with Dona Ferentes on the Italian label Lonktaar:
“Interesting connection between two unholy morons…Zebra Mu recorded some mess around using metal junk, feedbacks and obscure home-made sound sources, and later Dona Ferentes reprocessed and worked on some of these recordings… a spectral piano salutes you after a bath of ear-crackling vibes, which slowly descends into a never-ending tunnel of pure madness”.

Please support the label by purchasing a copy:


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