Ridge & Scrase Zine #3: “Perspicuus / Filum”

Ridge & Scrase

We’re very pleased to present our third six-page mini zine “Perspicuus / Filum” (roughly translated from Latin means “transparent / thread”). A zine quite different from our previous two as the pages are printed onto clear acetate, bound together with ½ inch magnetic audio tape and packaged in a rubber-stamped brown kraft envelope; with 1⁄4 magnetic audio tape mounted differently onto each copy!
Demonstrating our recent experiments in stitching, warped photocopied imagery, text, rubber-stamping and mark-making. We recommend holding each page up to a window or light source to to best appreciate its contents.

This publication was officially released at the Norwich Arts Centre zine fair but copies are still available. For further information and to order a one please email ridgeandscrase[AT]hotmail.com or use the contact form on the site.

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