Self-Released Zebra Mu Oddities…


Ugly Gesture Basement Jams C10 – new experiments in shorting out / abusing FX pedals and cassette players to create frantic and curious cut-up noise and bleeps. All 6 copies made have been snapped up…

Hole Punched Anti-Record – basically a tiny flexi disc fragment created as you’ve probably guessed with a hole puncher! The cost for this release is 1p plus postage so get in touch for your copy! Instructions included with how to play it…

The ever creative Simon Wilson (Blue Spectrum etc.) followed the instructions that came with his copy and created his own awesome picture disc:

“Yesterday I got my copy of Hole Punched by Zebra Mu, it’s a fragment of a flexi disc from which I guess is created by a hole puncher. It comes with directions instructing the listener to glue the fragment to a 7×7” piece of card, so I did and I also took it a step further by turning the B side into a picture disc using the thank you note which came with my order”:


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