[Live] Art Club: New Solo and Collaborative Performances as part of the Norfolk and Norwich Festival

Unspool and Bind

A new sound based solo performance revealing the sonic and physical properties of the compact audio cassette. Expect a living, breathing desktop cassette player with variable tape speed issues…

Date: Wednesday 14th May
Time: 1am – 1:30am (approx)
Location: Norwich Arts Centre: Foyer

Other/Other/Other Takeover

“A group of people explore as many mysterious spaces in Norwich Arts Centre as they can see, squeeze into and take-over. Using unique and innovative methods they will inhabit the building in ways you never thought possible, in a bid to prove that there’s no such thing as an overlooked wall cavity or an undervalued carpet tile”.

Date: Monday 12th May and Friday 16th May
Time: 11:30pm until approx 2am
Location: Norwich Arts Centre


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