Acrostics Meet

Acrostics Meet Cover Art
Acrostics Meet by Michael Ridge and Hal McGee available now on HalTapes!

“UK based multimedia artist Michael Ridge (Zebra Mu) joins Hal McGee on this light-hearted, lo fi and offbeat transatlantic microcassette collaboration. Featuring an eclectic array of sound sources intricately patch worked together over two 30 minute tracks. Whilst listening expect to find amongst other things- heavy rainfall, Monotron synths, Buddhist chant box, Steim Cracklebox, ticket machine, group improv jam, 19th Century Crank, barking dog, wind up music box, conversations, DVD player, canine squeaky toys, circuit bent children’s toys and urination.”

More information on this release here:

Available to buy now via Hal McGee’s Bandcamp page:


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