other/other/other present first/site/night

ooo first site night

Friday 15th February 2013
7-10pm, £5 entry, includes refreshments
firstsite, Colchester

Norwich-based artist collective other/other/other curate and deliver an evening of live performance, interactive activities and experimental intervention in response to the firstsite building and current exhibition, “Nigel Henderson and Eduardo Paolozzi: Hammer Prints Ltd”.

other/other/other make site-specific live art and time-based installations. Formed in 2008, they have investigated, taken over and temporarily occupied public spaces including arts centres, homes, galleries, pubs, shops, churches and streets in order to create unique, investigative events and artworks, firstsite is the focus of their next take-over.

The collective have been inspired by artworks with titles including ‘Sea Beasts’ and ‘Cowcumber’ and the quirky architectural features of firstsite. Expect playful encounters, revised interpretations of Hammer Prints, and quite literally a different perspective on the rooms around you: Test yourself against the improbable angles of the walls, participate in live audio “interpretations” of artworks, experience peculiar noises made by hands and heads protruding from beneath blobby forms, or have a tour of the toilets!

For more programme information go to the website http://otherotherother.wordpress.com


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