Review and Release Updates

A great write-up of the recent Zebra Mu performance at The Grosvenor was covered by Drowned in Sound (disappointingly Tristan Burfield is absent from the review):

New Zebra Mu:

Zebra Mu: Fan 3″CDr (Petite Soles PS19) edition of 25
Harsh noise EP sourced primarily from a handheld fan. Hashcrimes Distrubutions is selling this release on behalf of Petite Soles:

Zebra Mu / Kapali Carsi: Split CDr (Blue Spectrum Tapes) edition of 25
A great split release with the Canadian project Kapali Carsi who creates minimal sound-art documents from his voice, guitar and bass vibration. My part of the split is a single 27 minute track of improvised noise/sound-art experiments using a contact microphone, crisp packet, microcassette recorder and telephone pick-up coil. EDIT: Sold out.

‘Momentary Plastic Bag Piece’ is featured on the outstanding compilation ‘Rhinocerotidae’
Released to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Parkbench Records (congratulations!) Download it here:


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