‘Norfolk Mutations’ and ‘Live Malfunctions’ Out Now!

Announcing the first two Zebra Mu releases for 2012:

Zebra Mu: Norfolk Mutations CS (USR Records: Viva Tapes Series USR-020 / VT #2)
“Now we get to the tofu & potatoes of this whole operation. This is Zebra Mu, “Norfolk Mutations”, twenty minutes of harsh noise & wild oscillations, sure to sweep your brain clean. The A side features a single 10 minute track, titled “Breeding”. It begins with a split second of feedback and then rushes you right into the static. The track begins to break, and ventures off into different states. Sometimes rhythmic, sometimes minimal, sometimes piercing, the track always moves and brings you with it. The B side is another 10 minute track titled “Incest”. This side keeps the same overall feel as the A side, but can’t really be called an “addition” of it. The track is drenched in feedback, and features some ambient tones behind the noise in certain areas. More often than the A side, the track will break down into almost simplistic harsh tones, creating an “up and down” feel throughout the entire track” -label description.
Get your copy here: http://urinesoakedrag.blogspot.com/2012/01/usr-020-vt-2.html

Zebra Mu: Live Malfunctions 3″CDr (Not on Label) edition of 26
A Self-released 3”CDr documenting the entire 13 minute Zebra Mu performance from the 30th November 2011 at Jamboree Norwich. Sparse minimal drones that builds into controlled and focused harsh noise created from a contact mic’d “springboard”
Handstamped 3″CDr is packaged in a PVC wallet with artwork printed onto recycled brown paper. Each copy comes with a 3” by 2” photo of the performance.
EDIT: Sold Out


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